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Choosing Between Jobs in the Hospitality Field

A waitress holding a tray and smiling

Gaining a career in hospitality can be extremely rewarding. It’s a field where you’re constantly meeting new people and making valuable connections. If you’ve made the decision to go into hospitality as a job, great! The next step is deciding which of the many hospitality courses, and consequentially which career path you want to take on. There are pros and cons to every hospitality job, and they can vary vastly between them.

In this article, we’ll give you a short guide to choosing between jobs in the hospitality field, depending on your personality or what you want to achieve.

Boffin of beverages

Becoming a beverage boffin takes more than just completing a barista course, sommelier apprenticeship or learning how to brew. The beverage industry is so vast! However, becoming an expert at something in this industry can prove immensely valuable. There are new things to learn about coffee, wine, cocktails, beer, any beverage every single day and your knowledge will expand greatly while working in this industry.

Working in cafes and restaurants has its perks as well: you’ll always be in a buzzing, fast-paced environment which makes the days go by like a blur. You will have plenty of opportunities to develop excellent people skills while in this job, as you’ll be serving people their favourite drinks! This is one of the most creative hospitality jobs, and you’ll be surprised as to how far the knowledge you learn can take you.

Cook up a storm

Attending culinary school is a great path for anyone who wants to be surrounded by food (glorious food!) in their career. Contrary to popular belief, becoming a chef doesn’t restrict you to being holed up in a kitchen all day and night. Chefs can be found everywhere there is food: from food trucks at festivals, cruise ships and airlines, to film sets and on-tour with celebrities. There’s even a team of chefs at The White House!

As you develop your skills as a chef, you’ll start collecting the tools needed to forge your own career path. Start your own restaurant! Curate a food festival! Everybody loves food, and if you have the skills and passion needed to make good food, you’ll be sure to have job security for a loooong time.

Travel the world

There are a lot of hospitality jobs that can take you all over the world. If you’re keen on travelling with your job, all you need to do is look out for one of these pathways. A tourism course can boost your career into many different travelling industries. The obvious choices are flight attendants and tour guides, both of which can be incredibly rewarding.

As a flight attendant, your job requires you to have a calm and collected manner and to always be well presented. As a tour guide, you can let your inner comedian or history buff out—it’s a great job for a spirited, charismatic person. No matter your personality, you’ll be able to find the perfect travelling job for you.

Problem solve and manage people

If you’ve always wanted to be the boss, the hospitality industry has some challenging yet rewarding pathways for you. Working in hotel management is a pathway that encourages problem solving abilities and critical thinking, all while providing the highest levels of customer service. It will be challenging at times to provide people with solutions and to be a constant peacekeeper, but the rewards of keeping customers happy and being able to serve will be well-worth it. These are also important life skills that can take you to great places if you do well in this pathway.

Take a course that will kick start your hospitality career


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