As a student of Crown, you are welcome to join both our weekly activities, and our special event we hold on special occasions. If you are a member of SAP, you will get to decide on how these events are run!

We offer weekly activities that allow you to try new activities and interact with your fellow students.

special events

We also hold regular events to celebrate special occasions and to learn about our country, our fellow students and get the chance to share your own culture with others!

sports day

Come and spend the day competing against your fellow students and teachers! Flex your muscles and pull funny faces as you strive to do your best! Competitions, team games and the always popular student vs tutors race are held on this day. Build friendships with your teammates, celebrate your wins and laugh about your falls on this unpredictable day of highs and lows – winners often arise from the least expected!

ST. Patrick's day

st. patrick’s day

A great day to celebrate and have a laugh by dressing up in costumes and playing games that bring us together as one in celebration. A day dedicated to the cheeky leprechaun and the four-leaf clover without the need for intoxication (at least not during school hours). This is the day that hidden talents emerge and shine like gold at the end of the rainbow.


Bring your best witches’ brooms and wizard capes and join us for a bit of fun on Halloween. Spooky season competitions are held for best and spookiest costumes and we finish the day with a scary movie that will be sure to leave you petrified.


Pasifika day

Join us in celebrating Pasifika culture and the great history of voyagers, conquerors and tradition that is told with amazing tattoos and carvings. Students become teachers by showcasing their rich heritage with performance, traditional dress and food. Students also get to immerse themselves in other cultures from around the Pacific. The day is finished with a feast fit for a chief.

Maori Language


Te wiki o te Reo Maori is a week dedicated to learning about and immersing ourselves in the original language of this land. We have guest lecturers who come and educate our students about the Maori language and culture.

women’s day

We are surrounded by amazing women in New Zealand. Our three most powerful positions are held by women in New Zealand - prime minister, chief justice and the governor general. On this day we encourage and honour the women before us and the women who are paving the way for us in the future.

international day

He aha te mea nui o te ao? He tangata he tangata he tangata! What is the most important thing in the world? It is people, people and people! We have a fantastic melting pot of cultures here and we celebrate how our differences make us stronger! Activities from cultural dances to fashion shows showcasing clothing and style from different cultures are held on the day.

Language week

language weeks

Each year we follow the Ministry of Pacific Peoples calendar and each month we learn about different languages from our Pacific neighbors and from the international community. We get to hear stories and see occasional dances that deepen our understanding of these diverse cultures.