Vision & Mission

Our Motto

we care.

We train.

We Connect.

Our Vision

To present competent, confident Graduates highly capable of securing quality jobs and becoming valuable assets in their communities

Our Mission

Specialist tutors and staff delivering quality programmes and services, training and resourcing Learners in their chosen vocation

Our Values

Crown operates upon four core values:


We seek always to be fair, even handed, and free from bias in our choices and conduct, and in the delivery of our responsibilities


• Staff take seriously their responsibility for training and resourcing Learners

• Learners take responsibility for completing and gaining programme qualifications

• Graduates take responsibility for securing their own good futures


Transparency in the delivery of responsibilities activates confidence that students and stakeholders can have in Crown’s decision-making processes. Crown seeks always to be clear in its meanings and intentional in its expressions.


Our business is founded upon moral and ethical principles where truthfulness, frankness and sincerity is prized