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Kia ora & welcome to the first step in a new journey of personal development! 

We are a team of passionate and supportive industry experts that are here to guide you through your journey towards a successful career in travel, tourism, hospitality,  business or Health and Wellbeing.

Our job is to support you whatever way we can – we believe in your abilities and your dreams and are here to make those into a reality. Come and start your journey at Crown with us! 

We look Forward to meeting you.

meet the team

Josephine Do

Dr. Josephine Do

Managing Director

Josephine Do became the Managing Director of Crown Institute of Studies in 2020. She has a Doctorate in Fine Arts and worked at The Education University of Hong Kong for nearly 13 years before returning to Auckland in 2017. She has also taught at The University of Auckland and Manukau Institute of Technology. Josephine is the author of several books, was principal investigator for a number of Hong Kong Community Arts and Audience Development Projects, and received multiple awards for her contributions. She served as associate editor for various international journals and hosted a program called “Creative Cities II.” Josephine is a member of the New Zealand Institute of Directors and SKAL International New Zealand.

Puretu PuangI

Puretu Puangi

Head of Academics

Puretu has over 15 years of experience in tertiary education. She is a leader in her field with expertise in teaching, management, and course development. Her Cook Island heritage and New Zealand base make her well-suited to connect with diverse communities and support the Cook Islands community she serves. Puretu is known for her leadership skills and ability to inspire and motivate those around her. Her passion for education is unrivaled. Puretu’s dedication to excellence and commitment to making a difference in education make her a valuable asset to any team or organization.

Anetta, a skilled Quality Assurance Manager, works at Crown and has been in New Zealand for 20 years. She is an expert in cross-cultural communication and passionate about constantly improving her skills. Anetta loves the outdoors and often shares her favorite New Zealand spots. She is a valued member of the Crown team.


Anetta Kusa

Head of Quality


Amy Tregidga

head of student affairs

Amy is a valuable asset to our team. She communicates with high schools and has a great work ethic. Additionally, she is a devoted mother, enjoys gardening, and helps her parents’ market garden in Clevedon. As Treasurer for ACATE, she ensures the organization runs smoothly. Amy is well-rounded and an asset to any organization.

Naruemol (Joy) Mebun

International marketing manager

Joy is a talented Marketing Manager with a passion for analysis and creativity. She believes education can change lives and enjoys traveling and photography. An inspiration to many in both her personal and professional life.


Kim Ong

Finance Manager

Kim is a dedicated finance manager at Crown with impressive multilingual skills. She has been with the organization for 31 years, helping students with Studylink inquiries and witnessing the growth of Crown over time. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her grandson and maintaining an active lifestyle. Kim is an inspiration to us all.

QUALIFICATIONS: Bachelor of Education, (English Language)

Anetta is the Quality Assurance Manager at Crown. Originally from Poland, Anetta has lived in New Zealand for nearly 20 years and enjoys cross-cultural communication, summers, swimming and the great outdoors.

Anetta Kusa

Head of Quality

Preeti Mann

Interdisciplinary Tutor

QUALIFICATIONS: Masters in Political Science

Preeti is originally from India, she came to New Zealand in 1994 and has been in the hospitality industry ever since.

She has a passion for education and her knowledge and experience allows her to teach across different subjects. She enjoys painting as a hobby.

QUALIFICATIONS: Bachelor of Science, (Geography and Sports) Post Grad Diploma in Management Studies, CELTA and DELTA

Originally from the UK, Matt has worked and travelled extensively around the world. He has been part of the Crown team for over 19 years and calls NZ home now. He is passionate about football and keeps fit by cycling.



QUALIFICATIONS: Master’s in health care management (Level 9), Bachelor of Nursing.

Suja came to New Zealand to pursue her master’s degree in 2014. She has 4 years of experience teaching at the tertiary level in New Zealand and has experience working in aged care sector. She is very passionate about teaching and always want to bring a change in the education sector to enhance learning for diverse culture students. Her hobbies are travelling, music, dance and spending time with family.

Suja Das

Health and Wellbeing Tutor and Programme Co-ordinator



QUALIFICATIONS: Bachelor of Arts (English and German), Honours in Comparative Literature, Master of Creative Writing, CELTA

Irena has over 10 years of experience as an ESL tutor and also works as a structural editor for an independent New Zealand publisher. She is a mother of two and enjoys sailing, skiing and reading when she gets a chance.

QUALIFICATIONS: Bachelor of Arts (German), Bachelor of Commerce (Economics), ATITB

Anne Marie is passionate about Scottish fiddle music, and is involved with both the Auckland Youth and St Matthew’s Chamber Orchestra, and has been able to travel around the world performing. She still works part time as a travel agent.

Anne-Marie Forsyth




QUALIFICATIONS: IATA, ATITB, 30+ years industry experience

Fiona has been a travel broker for 30+ years. She still runs her travel business part time and keeps up with the latest trends in Travel and Tourism. She enjoys travelling, animals, piano and spending time with family.

Teacher Education Refresher Course, University of Auckland.
Registered Teacher, Teaching Council NZ

Rosita is passionate about education and enjoys interacting with students to create a positive outlook. She enjoys travelling and had been flying and cruising until Covid put her travel plans on hold.

Rosita Thomas

Business and
Short Course Tutor

QUALIFICATIONS:  Qualifications: PhD in Management, Master of Business (First class honours) 

Email: thao@crown.ac.nz 

Thao has been teaching at tertiary level for more than 10 years in both Vietnam and New Zealand. She has always had a passion for travel and tourism. During her undergraduate years, she worked for a travel agent in Vietnam and designed tour packages for foreign tourists. She enjoys going trekking with her family and friends whenever she gets a chance. 

Thao Tran

Tourism and Travel Tutor


Kim Ong

Finance and Account Manager

Kim is originally from Malaysia but has been a kiwi for over 30 years. She speaks 5 languages and is responsible for the finances of Crown and helping students with Studylink. She has worked for Crown for 31 years. Outside of work, she enjoys spending time with her grandson, swimming and badminton.

QUALIFICATIONS: Diplomas in Hospitality & Events Management, Diploma in Fashion Design & Production Technology

Paul Hagai has worked in Event Management Internationally over 15 years, he is a Cook Islands Fashion Designer and is the Managing Director of his own Community Organisation Aku Yanga (My Work). He has been on several Community Boards, a Youth Mentor & Advocate for Pacifica Communities.

Paul Hagai

student engagement

QUALIFICATIONS: Bachelor of Psychology, Level 5 TEFL Certificate

Originally from Argentina, Pilar has been living abroad for almost four years. She spent three years in Australia and has recently arrived in New Zealand. She loves meeting people, learning about their cultures, religions and the way they see the world. She enjoys living in New Zealand because it is a country where everyone is welcomed. She believes diversity makes the world a better place. Raised in a family full of teachers, education has always been an important part of her life. She loves learning new languages. Fluent in English and French, and she is currently studying Italian. She believes in education for all and is committed to work towards inclusion.

Pilar Sorba Mora

student care

Amy Tregidga

Marketing manager

QUALIFICATIONS: Bachelor of International Hospitality Management

Amy is our link to high schools. She is the mother of two and enjoys gardening and helping her parents at their market garden in Clevedon. She is also the Treasurer for ACATE Auckland Careers and Transition Education Association (NZ).

Naruemol (Joy) Mebun

International marketing manager

QUALIFICATIONS: Masters in Marketing; Bachelor of Law

Joy is Marketing Coordinator at Crown. Originally from Thailand, Joy is passionate about analysis and creativity. She believes in the power of education to make a real impact on people and communities. She enjoys travelling and photography.