Governance and Management are distinctive functions, leading academic integrity, and supporting the best interests of Crown and its stakeholders. This strategic plan provides a map to guide collective action over the next five years, and to inform and drive future activity. Crown’s six goals are:

To provide premium quality courses and programmes to attract and retain students who, regardless of their background, will succeed in their studies. We will achieve this by supporting students all the way through their courses and programmes, guiding them to progress to, and excel in, careers they are passionate about.


To continuously develop and expand our industry connections. We have strong connections to high-quality, reputable industry partners who empower us to situate our students into their real world work contexts.​


To continuously improve internal communications and expand our offerings to local communities. One of the ways we will achieve this is through Gateway programmes. We will offer High School students contextualised learning of Crown’s programmes, to help them form connections to Crown’s vocational training, guiding them to progress to, and excel in, careers they are passionate about.


To attract and retain inspirational, engaging and committed staff who, through their teaching, research, professional expertise and engagement, will positively contribute to Crown’s development.


To be a sustainable and socially responsible PTE by creating an all-inclusive learning environment.


To continuously create innovative environments that facilitate teaching and learning processes, and contribute to developing students’ skills and competencies.


Key shifts of Crown to meet the needs arising from the COVID-19 pandemic

Crown is wholly committed to an agile, student-centred learning culture.  The Covid Era compelled us to make shifts in our strategic thinking. Being an agile organisation we were able to rapidly embrace new market opportunities and make positive adaptations that support learners’ future success. Health and wellbeing has emerged as a critical investment area.  This new field of learning for Crown has been signalled by the Tertiary Education Commission as a high priority. 

Crown’s Agile Adaptations

  • INVESTING in Health and Wellbeing
  • DEVELOPING Small Business
  • INTRODUCING Computing and Digital Technology
  • REPRIORITISING Travel and Tourism
  • EXPANDING Hospitality