Governance and Management are distinctive functions, leading academic integrity, and supporting the best interests of Crown and its stakeholders. Reviewed in Nov 2020 (responding to COVID-19’s global impact and to align with VET / VPET frameworks internationally), this strategic plan provides a map to guide collective action over the next four years, and to inform and drive future activity. Crown’s ten goals are:

To provide Programmes that enable individuals from varied educational and professional backgrounds to enter or re-enter the labour market.


To equip graduates with relevant, sustainable skills for the labour market and to offer opportunities for lifelong professional development and integration into successful workforce.


To equip graduates with real-world, relevant industry skills and to devise an optimal mix of job-specific and transferrable professional skills for every educational offer.


To facilitate individual learning pathways and career development for each student.


To create linear and non-linear educational pathway and to appropriately recognise formally and informally acquired skills.


To coordinate the provision of vocational, professional and job-related continuous education and training to be permeable both horizontally and vertically. Thus, horizontal and vertical student progression and staircasing are possible at every stage.


To be flexible in programme design and delivery to create industry-oriented educational programmes and adaptable delivery methods so that all new educational content and programmes can be integrated quickly and easily.


To set and deliver high qualitative standards for all learning areas at all levels of education. To apply effective, current and innovative methods and techniques, and work together across learning environments.


To always be up-to-date. We identify trends and developments in good time and act with foresight. Innovations from practice, research findings and exchange with other countries provide an important basis for our actions.


To be recognised and perceived as high-quality provider and to enable target groups to appreciate the opportunities and possibilities created by Crown.


Key shifts of Crown to meet the needs arising from the COVID-19 pandemic

Crown is wholly committed to an agile, student-centred learning culture.  The Covid Era compelled us to make shifts in our strategic thinking. Being an agile organisation we were able to rapidly embrace new market opportunities and make positive adaptations that support learners’ future success. Health and wellbeing has emerged as a critical investment area.  This new field of learning for Crown has been signalled by the Tertiary Education Commission as a high priority. 

Crown’s Agile Adaptations

  • INVESTING in Health and Wellbeing
  • DEVELOPING Small Business
  • INTRODUCING Computing and Digital Technology
  • REPRIORITISING Travel and Tourism
  • EXPANDING Hospitality