Established in 1972, Crown is one of New Zealand’s longest running tertiary institutions providing training in the fields of Travel and Tourism, Hospitality, Health & Wellbeing and Business.

We have been shaping and preparing our students for careers in these exciting fields for over 50 years, and we are passionate and knowledgeable in these areas. We maintain strong links with industry which helps us to keep our courses current and find internships and work opportunities for our students. We emphasise on education for employment; equipping students with industry related knowledge and transferable skills that can be applied in their chosen pathways. 




The team at Crown cares about each student who studies with us. Students have told us Crown is their “happy place”. We aim for that to be your experience too. Extra academic support and pastoral care is readily available – we listen, we support, and we guide. We are all about education for employment, on top of industry related training, we also emphasise on transferable skills that can be used across students’ chosen career pathways.



Located in the heart of Auckland City, Crown is a caring, student-focused tertiary institution. We focus on providing industry relevant courses and getting students ready for work. We are passionate about holistic learning; this means that we want to develop you not only academically, but personally, so that you are ready to contribute, excel and progress in your new job immediately.



We connect you with key figures in the industry that you are interested in; Crown has great connections with premium quality, reputable industry partners. Throughout your course we will connect you with some of these great partners – at onsite seminars, networking events, site visits, familiarisation tours (famils), Real World Experience, and Work Placements.



We are an NZQA Category 2 registered and accredited school. You can read more here.

great facilities,


Crown is a modern, multi-level campus with good training facilities and great staff and students. Facilities include:

Hotel training area

Aircraft cabin training area

Health & Wellbeing training centre

Bar training area

Barista training area

On-campus Café

Outdoor & indoor student common area


Real World Experience & Work Placements

Throughout its 48-year history Crown has trained and equipped thousands of students, progressing them into exciting careers and higher learning. We want that to be your experience, too.

Real World Experience (RWE) is a cohesive set of experiences that give students a view into the worlds of travel and tourism, hospitality and business. RWE is designed to give students consistent exposures to the exciting real world of employment. Throughout their courses students will attend onsite seminars, networking events, offsite industry visits, and famils. These accumulated experiences help build knowledge and skills.

Work Placements are the capstone of Crown’s Diploma programmes. All of the knowledge, skills, attributes and Real World Experience gained during the course are ultimately put to the reality test in Work Placement.

Crown’s dedicated Work Placement Manager works closely with many of New Zealand’s finest hotels, tourism operators, and travel agencies. These businesses have career stability, and promotion opportunities, and staff are very happy to help develop Crown students.

Our student testimony


“My time at Crown allowed me to realize my passion for the hospitality industry. Crown placed me at the Northern Club for an internship, which resulted in a job offer as the manager was very impressed with my work. Crown tutors were incredibly supportive; they provided ample support and were with me until the last day of the course.”
Jesse Harfield
The Northern Club
“While studying at Crown, I was able to improve my presentation and writing skills. Crown's staff were very helpful, and the course layout and time allowed for assignments were excellent. Different teaching methods were used to help students with varying abilities to achieve to their best standards. The trips were a highlight for me during my studies; for example, the visit to the winery for a taste-tester was a memorable experience!”
Rachel Anderson
Lone Star Restaurant
“I had an enjoyable experience at Crown, I got to learn new things and I was able to do things I wouldn’t have done anywhere else. Crown did such an amazing job teaching and providing me with advice when I needed it. I had a good time studying at crown.”
Dung Nguyen
Jervois Steakhouse


"I thoroughly enjoyed my time at Crown, the curriculum covered everything I needed to prepare me for a fantastic job in the travel industry.  Crown has warm and welcoming tutors who helped me into a job straight after study. To this day I still recommend Crown to friends and colleagues looking to study Travel & Tourism."
Rhiannon Williams studied New Zealand Certificate in Travel & Tourism Levels 3 and 4​
Rhiannon Williams
The Walshe Group
" I want to say a big Thank you to Crown for preparing me for this and for encouraging me to step out of my comfort zone to do this. I still can not believe I'm actually here"
Teej Coward
Walt Disney World Resort
“The tutors at Crown were really supportive, I gained insights about cruise, flight attending and knowledge of the tourism and travel industry, most importantly, I acquired customer service skills which can be applied to many industries.”
AJ Hackett Internship Programme
JP Macpherson
AJ Hackett Bungy


“I consider Crown very important to me for the experiences and people that I met during my studies. Teachers along with students are always welcoming, and open to conversation, sharing their knowledge and insight with each interaction. I made lifelong friends at Crown and know I am always welcome back. If I have anything that I might want to seek advice for, their doors are always open.”
Sione Mataele
Business Student at AUT
“Special thank you to my tutor for the undying support, commitment and persistent motivation to teach business. Coming from a rough past life, I did not feel judged, but welcomed and supported. Crown helped me realise my potential, and through my studies I have refined my skills in the business industry. I now have a fulltime job in a management position for a family-owned business. I am grateful for the compassion and care that you put into every single one of us.”
Poa Pua
Freight Company


" The tutors and other staff members are very supportive and welcoming. They are always open to sharing their knowledge, insight and experience. I have learned a lot during my studies and it’s great that I can interact with students and do different kinds of activities in and outside of the classroom. "
Liga Stopniece
Student Health & Wellbeing Level 4
“My experience as a student at Crown was fantastic. My studies are very well-supported by the staff and tutors at Crown. I was anxious before the start of the course because I had no prior training or experience in support work. However, as soon as I went to my first class, my tutor did a great job of teaching me.”
Ashera Padayogdog
Graduate Health & Wellbeing Level 3

“As president of SKAL International Auckland Club, it has been a pleasure to be involved with the management and students at Crown Institute of Studies for the past few years. I have been continually impressed with the professionalism of the teaching staff and management, and especially their enthusiasm for connecting with key travel and tourism industry contacts. It is these connections that give Crown access to first hand travel and tourism practices, people and opportunities that are of real benefit to Crown students.”

Michael Shah

Chief Executive of Northern Club

great industry connections

Crown has great connections with many premium quality, reputable industry partners. We highly esteem our partners and the valuable opportunities they provide for Crown students. Our partners, in turn, enjoy the passion and professionalism of Crown staff and students.

Some of our great industry partners:

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