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Exploring Auckland with Our Chilean Students

In the past three weeks, we’ve had the pleasure of hosting an extraordinary experience for 57 students from Temuco, Chile. Beyond the primary goal of improving their English, these students had the unique opportunity to delve into the diverse and captivating attractions that Auckland has to offer. Let’s take a closer look at the incredible adventure they embarked upon in this vibrant city:

  • Sky Tower: Soaring above the skyline, the Sky Tower provided a breathtaking panoramic view of Auckland, offering our students a perspective that literally elevated their experience.


  • Aquarium: The underwater wonders at the aquarium allowed our students to connect with marine life, creating a memorable and educational experience.


  • War Museum: A journey through history unfolded at the War Museum, providing a glimpse into New Zealand’s rich heritage and the sacrifices made during times of conflict.

  • Laser Tag: Fun and excitement reached new heights at laser tag, where students engaged in thrilling battles, fostering teamwork and camaraderie.

  • YMC Volleyball/Basketball: Sporting spirit was high as students participated in volleyball and basketball at YMC, showcasing their skills and creating lasting memories.

  • Art Gallery: The vibrant Auckland Art Gallery became a canvas of inspiration, allowing students to explore their artistic senses and appreciate diverse forms of creativity.

  • Mt. Eden: A trek to the summit of Mt. Eden provided not only a physical challenge but also stunning views of Auckland’s landscape, creating a sense of accomplishment.

  • Winter Garden: Amidst the tranquility of the Winter Garden, students immersed themselves in the beauty of nature, creating a serene and reflective experience.

  • Devonport: The charm of Devonport’s historic streets and waterfront allowed our students to unwind and absorb the laid-back atmosphere of this quaint suburb.

  • Motat: A journey through time at Motat provided a hands-on experience with New Zealand’s technological and transport history, making learning both interactive and enjoyable.

  • Weta Workshop: The world of film and creativity came to life at Weta Workshop, offering our students a behind-the-scenes look at the magic of movie-making.

  • Maritime Museum: Auckland’s maritime history unfolded at the Maritime Museum, providing an insightful look into the seafaring heritage of this coastal city.

  • All Black Experience: Engaging with the legacy of New Zealand’s iconic rugby team, the All Blacks, our students experienced the passion and pride that define Kiwi sports culture.

  • Maori Culture Workshop: Our students delved into the rich traditions of the indigenous Maori culture, participating in a workshop that offered insights into the art, language, and customs of the Maori people.

  • Takapuna Beach: With its golden sands and stunning views, Takapuna Beach provided a perfect setting for relaxation and enjoyment, allowing our students to experience the beauty of Auckland’s coastline.

  • New Market Mall: Exploring the vibrant atmosphere of New Market Mall, our students had the opportunity to indulge in shopping, dining, and experiencing the local market culture, adding a touch of contemporary Auckland to their adventure.

As we reflect on this enriching journey, we extend our heartfelt appreciation to the students from Temuco for embracing every moment of their Auckland adventure. Cheers to the incredible experiences shared and the lasting memories created during these three weeks!

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Celebrating the Graduation of Our Chilean Students at Crown

On the 21st of November 2023, we joyfully celebrated the graduation of our Chilean students, recognizing their outstanding efforts in their English classes. Each student received a well-deserved certificate, and we couldn’t be prouder of their accomplishments.

While it’s a bit bittersweet to see them leave, we are genuinely happy for them and wish them nothing but the best in their future endeavors. Expressing our gratitude, we thank them for allowing us to be part of this incredible adventure.

Cheers to the amazing experience of Internship New Zealand 2023 and to the bright futures that await our graduates! 🎓🌟


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Diwali Celebration at Crown

At Crown, we embrace our multicultural community, creating a safe and welcoming space for all. Recently, we had a fantastic Diwali event where we shared delicious food, danced together, and had loads of fun.

The event was a celebration of diversity, bringing everyone together to enjoy the festivities of Diwali. We take pride in fostering a community where cultural celebrations are not just observed but actively enjoyed by all.

Cheers to more fun celebrations and enjoying different cultures together at Crown! 🪔🎉


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Warm Welcome to Chilean Students by Education New Zealand at Our School

Warm Welcome to Chilean Students by Education New Zealand at Our School

On the 7th of November 2023, Education New Zealand extended a warm welcome to our Chilean students who came to study English with us for three weeks. A total of 57 outstanding students from Temuco, Chile, had the exciting opportunity to embark on a unique English learning journey in New Zealand. These students were not only here to enhance their language skills but also to explore and discover the beauty of this wonderful country.

We are thrilled to host this exceptional group of students, offering them more than just English lessons but also a chance to immerse themselves in the culture and wonders of New Zealand. This internship is not just about learning; it’s a comprehensive experience that goes beyond the classroom.

At our school, we take immense pride in providing a welcoming and enriching environment for our students. Here’s to a successful and joyful time for our Chilean guests in New Zealand!


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Crown’s Halloween Celebration: A Spooktacular Success!

Halloween celebration at Crown

Our Halloween celebration at Crown was a hit! Students had a blast with spooky snacks and a thrilling activity—solving the school mystery. At Crown, we prioritize our students’ enjoyment, which is why we organize a variety of activities to ensure everyone has a good time.

It’s heartening to see our students having fun and engaging in these festive events. The commitment to creating a lively and caring environment is at the core of our mission at Crown.

Here’s to more successful and enjoyable activities at Crown! 🎃👻

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Māori Language Week: A Week of Cultural Exploration

During Maori Language Week, we've been enjoying various activities that celebrate the rich Maori culture.

During Maori Language Week, we’ve been enjoying various activities that celebrate the rich Maori culture. We’ve tried our hand at traditional weaving, practiced Te Reo Maori, and experienced the energy of a haka demonstration.

These activities go beyond just celebrations; they are a way for us to recognize the importance of the Maori language and traditions. By engaging in these events, we’re building a deeper connection and appreciation within our community.

As we continue to explore and celebrate Māori culture, we’re grateful for the meaningful experiences that Māori Language Week has brought. Here’s to ongoing cultural appreciation and learning!

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Fun and Learning in Mocktail Training

Fun and Learning in Mocktail Training

In the past few months, the Mocktail training sessions led by Jazmyn and Assia have been a hit. Their engaging approach has made learning about Mocktails not only informative but also enjoyable for our students.

The mix of enthusiasm and knowledge in these sessions has been outstanding. Students have not just learned how to make Mocktails; they’ve also gained a good understanding of the art behind it. The positive feedback from students shows how much they’ve appreciated this unique way of learning.

We appreciate Jazmyn and Assia for their hard work, and we’re looking forward to more successful and enjoyable sessions.

Cheers to the success of our Mocktail training program and the exciting times ahead! 🍹🎓


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Coffee Craft: Welcoming Mr. Kim and Elevating the Barista Course Experience!

Mr. Kim and Elevating the Barista Course Experience

We’re excited to share some fantastic news! Since October, Mr. Kim has been a wonderful addition to our teaching team, bringing his skills and expertise to our short Barista course. His friendly and effective teaching style has made learning not just educational but also enjoyable for our students.

Having Mr. Kim on board has truly enhanced the Barista course experience. His commitment to making coffee education accessible and fun has created a positive and engaging atmosphere in our classes. Students have been quick to appreciate his approach, finding the lessons both informative and interesting.

We believe that learning a new skill, like becoming a barista, should be an enjoyable journey, and with Mr. Kim’s guidance, our short Barista course is designed to do just that. Join us in extending a warm welcome to Mr. Kim and seize the opportunity to master the art of coffee-making in a supportive and enjoyable environment. Let’s continue this skill-building adventure together!


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Elevating Connections: A Night of Networking Excellence with Travel Industry Leaders at Crown Institute

Crown Institute of Studies is thrilled to have had esteemed guests grace our lively networking floor in collaboration with Travel Industry Mentor Experience on September 11, 2023. The event proved to be an enriching experience, fostering valuable connections and shared insights among professionals from the travel industry. A special mention goes to our Head of Academics, Puretu, who skillfully assumed the role of Master of Ceremonies for the night.

Puretu’s presence as the MC brought a dynamic and insightful touch to the event. Her engaging manner and thoughtful commentary effortlessly guided the evening’s proceedings, creating an atmosphere of camaraderie and knowledge-sharing. Attendees enjoyed the opportunity to mingle and exchange ideas, with Puretu deftly steering the ship to ensure an informative and enjoyable experience.

This collaboration between Crown Institute of Studies and Travel Industry Mentor Experience exemplifies our dedication to providing students with meaningful experiences beyond the confines of the classroom. The event serves as a testament to the vibrant community we cultivate, where industry professionals and academic leaders come together to inspire and empower the next generation. We extend our commendations to Puretu for her pivotal role in orchestrating such a successful and memorable evening.

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Exploring Success: Our Visit to SO Hotel – August 31, 2023

hospitality students had the exciting opportunity to visit the renowned SO Hotel in Auckland

Our enthusiastic hospitality students had the exciting opportunity to visit the renowned SO Hotel in Auckland on August 31, 2023. This educational adventure provided our students with an inside look into the intricate workings of a thriving hotel. From the warm reception of guests to the seamless coordination of daily activities, they witnessed firsthand the key elements that contribute to the success of a hospitality establishment.

This experiential learning journey extended beyond traditional classroom settings, offering our students valuable insights into the practical aspects of the industry. Immersed in the dynamic environment of SO Hotel, our students gained a deeper understanding of guest services, operational efficiency, and the overall nuances that define a prosperous hotel. We believe this hands-on experience has enriched their academic foundation and equipped them with practical skills for a successful career in the field of hospitality.


hospitality students had the exciting opportunity to visit the renowned SO Hotel in Auckland