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The team at Crown are here to help you not only in your studies, but also to support you for the entire journey to your dream career. We provide a full range of services to help you prepare for the professional world. Most importantly, we care for you if things are getting difficult.

Career Services

On top of the industry knowledge that you will learn from class, we regularly provide workshops and services that will help you succeed in landing your desired job. These include CV writing and Job interview workshops, networking opportunities…etc.


Pearl Wilson is our Student Wellbeing Manager. Wellbeing at Crown is symbolically represented in a korowai. A korowai is a Maori cloak traditionally worn by Maori chieftains; it signifies authority to guard, govern and guide one’s people.

Contact Pearl at pearl@crown.ac.nz

Crown’s authority to guard, govern and guide our students is encapsulated in our slogan:

Tiaki Tatou
We Care


We train

Hono Tatou
We connect

Crown’s korowai of caring, training and connectivity promotes growth by helping students believe in themselves, gaze with hope into the future, and show present respect for others.


A sense of
belonging and
at Crown

involvement, and
at Crown

Social resilience
at Crown

at Crown

Safety and
security at

Growth and
success at

We will know we have succeeded when our students understand and value their place in the world, are confident in their identity, and are optimistic about the future.

Implementation of Ka Hikitia at Crown

Crown's values and approach to education are in line with The Māori education strategy: Ka Hikitia 

  1. Te Whanau: Crown responds to learners within the context of their whanau 
  2. Te Tangata: Maori are free from racism, discrimination and stigma at Crown
  3. Te Kanorautanga: Crown understands that Maori are unique and connects with them in the context of their diverse aspirations and lived experiences
  4. Te Tuakiritanga: Crown is highly supportive of Maori learners owning their ethnic identity, language and culture
  5. Te Rangatiratanga: Crown allows Maori to exercise individual authority and agency in their education 

Support for our Pacific Learners

  • Pacifica Hub – one of our classroom is converted into a cultural hub, where students can relax and retreat. This space allows us to know and understand our learners, build a culturally responsive environment and foster community networks.

  • Ready 4 work blazer – many students may feel overwhelmed while job hunting, or they may not be able to afford professional clothing. With the donations of our partners and staff, we are able to offer our students free blazers for their job interviews, helping them to kick start their professional career. To get the free blazer, students are required to show their job listing to our Pacific Development Leader.

  • Cultural events – these events allow staff and students to get together outside of the classroom. It is also an opportunity for us to meet, communicate and even partner with family members of students.

If you have any questions or ideas to support our Pacific learners, feel free to contact Paul, our Pacific Development Leader, paul@crown.ac.nz  

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student services team

Dion Bond

Our dedicated Student Services Team is here to assist – completing enrolment forms, applying for Studylink or Fees Free payments, topping up AT Hop cards and student ID cards are just some of the many things we help you with. Dion is the go-to-person if you need help. She is a Crown graduate so she knows exactly what are the issues you may be facing and how to deal with them.  You can find her at the reception if you need any help.