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Top Winter Break Destinations in New Zealand


New Zealand is positioned right at the bottom of the world, and as the closest country to Antarctica, you had better believe this tiny trans-Atlantic nation has got some of the best winter getaway spots in the whole world.

Education can take you all over the world, and if you study at a New Zealand school of tourism, exploring New Zealand while you can is a great opportunity. During full time study, the year is split up by a number of study breaks, giving you a valuable chance to gain real life experiences by getting out there and visiting New Zealand.

Mt Ruapehu

For snow sports enthusiasts and amateurs alike, the nearest place to Auckland to see the snow is the beautiful Mt Ruapehu. Just a 4-hour drive from the big city, you’ll venture into a different world – and you’ll definitely want to bring all your woolly warmers with you. Stay in the small mountainside towns of Whakapapa or Turoa, or in Ohakune township if you want to be closer to the shops.

The mountain itself has options for everyone. Beginners can rent ski or snowboard gear and start off with a lesson from one of their instructors; Happy Valley is a fun and easy ski slope on Whakapapa. As New Zealand’s largest ski range, Ruapehu has plenty to offer more experienced skiiers too. All you have to do is rent a chairlift pass, and up you go!

Auckland’s West Coast

For those who don’t have the time, or are on a student budget, there are some beautiful destination spots within the boundaries of Auckland itself. All you need is a few friends, a car and the day to spare, and you’ve got yourself a west coast road trip. If you’re interested in Auckland tourism, this is a top spot to visit.

West Coast beaches such as Piha, Muriwai, Bethells and many more in between are incredibly popular spots in summer, but have unique qualities that not many get to see when the seasons get colder. On a fine winters day, the beaches are a serene place to go for a walk, and there are some absolutely stunning Airbnb’s which are rarely booked out in the colder months, if you want to stay for a few days.


If you can’t stand the thought of being near the icy seas anytime outside of peak summer, Rotorua is the getaway spot for you. This town is pretty well known for its sulfuric smell, but there’s a good reason for it. We won’t get too into the science of it all, but there’s something in the water in Rotorua, and it is unlike anywhere else in the world.

The thermal springs in Rotorua have been around for centuries. More recently, they have been utilised for their wellness and relaxation, and there are a huge range of spa options in Rotorua that use these minerals and thermal techniques to renew and replenish your body and soul.

Windy Wellington

They say you can’t beat Welly on a good day. There’s no denying that it can tend to get a little windy down there in the winter, but it’s still worth it for the crisp sunshine that peeks through.

For those Aucklander’s who crave the hustle and bustle even on a getaway, Wellington is the only real decision. There is plenty to see and do in Wellington, from visiting Te Papa museum, to shopping the vintage stores along Cuba Street. Wellington has plenty of delicious, world class food to eat too, not to mention places to catch up with friends for a drink.


For those who seek to get away from the cold of winter as much as possible, North of Auckland is a great place to retreat to. Usually a bustling tourist spot in Summer, the Bay of Islands and the surrounding towns are just as vibrant and exciting in the off season, although without the masses of people.

Escaping to Northland in the winter can feel like your own private getaway in the sun. Northland has a subtropical microclimate, meaning it benefits from warmer weather throughout most of the winter months. Not many people know about this, so tourist season doesn’t extend much further than April.


See the world!

New Zealand has so much to offer when it comes to tourism – we’ve only just scratched the surface. If you’ve got an inner travel bug, Crown Institutes travel and tourism courses are world class, and can take you around New Zealand and the world toward your dream career. Contact us to discuss what course is right for you today.


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Exciting Jobs in Travel Right Now!

Thinking about taking up travel and tourism courses? Well, you’re in for a swell ride! The travel and tourism industry can give you the chance to experience one of the most exciting careers out there. This is because the industry allows you opportunities to travel, meet and interact with new people, and learn about different cultures. Although it still requires high levels of professionalism and hard-earned skills (as with all types of work), it also entails different experiences that will allow you to broaden your horizons and gain new perspectives.
More than just exciting opportunities, it is also important to consider the market demands for each type of profession and which work relates most to your interests. With many possible options, you may be wondering what kinds of jobs this industry offers that are both exciting and in-demand? Well, we’ve rounded up a list of just these kinds of jobs that you may want to check out if you’re looking to be successful in the travel and tourism industry. Let’s dive in!


Adventure Tour Guide

Becoming a tour guide is one of the most prevalent career choices in the tourism and travel industry today. If you’re someone who loves to explore, converse, and learn about places and people, becoming an adventure tour guide may be for you!
Just like the name suggests, the position will involve plenty of adventures guiding tourists and travellers into specific places and activities. You can be a tour guide for anything from walking tours of historic sites, to museum tours, to safari tours. You can even be the kind of tour guide who provides incredibly niche tours around cities for things like sandwich shop tours, or a tour of a specific person’s life such as an American President.
Jumping into this profession feels a lot like running a school outside a school. It allows you to learn different languages, places, and an amazing amount of in-depth information, and then convey it to others. Learning never stops when you become a tour guide!
Excellent communication skills are necessary for this kind of work and some will also require a bilingual employee so that you can converse with different people in different countries.


Bartender Consultant

This is the perfect hospitality job for those who like to entertain while concocting delicious drinks. Bartender or barkeep consultants are responsible for formulating and serving alcoholic beverages behind a licensed bar establishment. This job can take you anywhere around the world as long as there’s a drinking culture. It’s an exciting role since you bring the vacation to work!
The work involves great communication skills, creativity, and a level of precision in order to create smashing drinks people will remember. The best bartenders are friendly and enthusiastic, and this is a role that can easily be made fun and creative. It’s also a hugely educational job, as there’s heaps to learn about people, flavours, and drink ingredients.


Cruise Ship Employee

Who doesn’t want to be on a cruise? One of the best career options in the industry right now, working on a cruise ship is an excellent way to earn good money while having the ability to journey different parts of the world! Plus, there’s plenty of job opportunities to be had – from working in cruise retail, being part of the cruise staff department, working in the entertainment or hospitality sectors, and more.
Working on a cruise ship is great way to build solid work experience, meet new people, and exchange amazing stories. The money is great, but the exposure and real-world experience is even better!


Theme Park Manager

What a way to relive childhood memories! Becoming a theme park manager means you are responsible for every aspect of the day-to-day running of a theme park. Though it doesn’t always involve fun and games, becoming a theme park manager allows you to demonstrate logic and creativity through strategizing the theme park’s planning and development, manage customer experience, monitor health and safety, and oversee the park’s finances; allowing great overall experience.
Plus, you get to hang out in theme parks all day, every day – who doesn’t want that?


What Job Excites You?

When all is said and done, it still boils down to focusing on your interests, skills, and the type of job which excites you the most. The travel and tourism industry will get you to work in dynamic workplaces with different challenges thrown at you on a daily! It’s safe to say, you will never be bored with your job! Lastly, it offers a variety of niches and a place for everyone to learn and see the world – you can even have fun while you’re at it!


Join New Zealand’s Largest Industry

Crown Institute of Studies offers a variety of travel and tourism courses where you will gain the necessary knowledge and skills necessary in industry. Here is a great chance for you to learn, travel the world and get paid to do it! The certificates we offer will give you an insight into the booming industry that will give you that edge in applying for the role you’re most interested in and suited for.
Contact us so we can help you get started!
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Top Eight Skills Employers are Looking For

Man prepares a beverage while working

The job market has changed a lot over the last couple of decades. The skills that employers look for now are centred around flexibility and adaptability, as jobs become more open-ended, and less prescribed. New technologies have also changed workplaces, so the ability to use them is a must. Because of these changes, so-called “soft” skills – those which are more personal qualities that allow employees to be able to pick new things up quickly or communicate well with people – are seeing an increase in demand. That being said, certain specific “hard” skills will always be needed. These eight skills are what employers are looking for when they’re recruiting. If these sound like you, you’re probably well on your way to getting employed.



Time and time again, employers tell us they’re looking for candidates who are good at listening and talking. This skill helps employees to understand what they need to do, solve problems with supervisors, and collaborate with teammates on projects. In New Zealand, it’s important to be able to communicate properly in English, and sometimes in Te Reo Maori or New Zealand Sign Language depending on the job. Communication is especially important in customer facing industries, which is why it’s a big part of our travel and tourism courses.



Being able to organise and inspire people towards a common goal isn’t just for managerial roles. Increasingly, all employees are required to show leadership in certain situations, even if they’re small. Employers feel confident in candidates who they know can step up and lead when the time is right.


Literacy and numeracy

Every job requires reading and writing in some form. Sending emails, reading instructions and regulations, or writing reports are common ways literacy is needed. Mathematics helps employees deal with invoicing, measurements, tax – you name it, reading, writing and maths are absolutely everywhere.


Being able to drive

This doesn’t apply to all jobs, but a driver’s license is often a requirement for job candidates. Some jobs – forklift drivers or tourism operators for example – require specific extra classes of endorsements on their licenses, so it’s crucial to get these before applying, unless the job is willing to sponsor you to sit those tests.


Being computer savvy

As industries become increasingly digital, having good computing skills is a must. Not everyone needs to be a programmer, but knowing your way around basic software, as well as being familiar with mobile devices like phones and tablets, is a great suite of skills that lend themselves to virtually any job.


Industry-specific skills

Employers love general skills that make candidates adaptable, but in most industries, there is some level of industry-specific training that needs to be completed. For example, when taking a hospitality course, students learn specifically about how to handle food and beverages, manage establishments and serve customers. Along the way, they can pick up qualifications the government requires people to have to do certain jobs, like the Liquor Control Qualification for bar managers.


The ability to learn

Employers like to see candidates have completed an educational qualification, even if it’s not specifically related to their industry. This is because many jobs require employees to learn new skills and gain knowledge while they work, so a qualification is seen as evidence of a candidate’s ability to do that.


Problem solving skills

Managers are always busy, no matter what industry they’re in. Their favourite kind of employees are those who can solve problems on their own, since that lessens the burden on them. The ability to apply logic and focus to a problem to find solutions is widely applicable over a range of jobs – you’ll almost always come across unexpected problems, no matter what job you do, so being able to take them head on is a great skill to have.

Is your skill-set readily employable?

If you want to expand and enhance your skill set to get that job you really want, taking a course is a great option. Here at Crown Institute of Studies, we offer courses in a range of disciplines to suit your personality and strengths. Most importantly, you’ll get work experience while you study, so our courses are great for those who like to get out and experience things first hand. To hear about our options and talk about how our courses can work for you, contact us today.


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What You Need to Know About Working in Travel and Tourism | Crown


Everyone has different reasons for entering the travel and tourism field. Some may want to travel the world, become stewards of the sky, or run their own hotels. Some people may have just stumbled upon one of the many job opportunities that the industry has to offer. While all these prospects sound exciting, there’s a lot of real-world information about the industry that you should know first, to give you the tools required for achieving a happy and flourishing career!


No matter where you are in your travel and tourism journey, here are some important things you need to know about working in the industry:

Your job options are varied

We all have our own dreams, and yes, we should chase after them, but that doesn’t mean we should be rigid and inflexible. There are plenty of job opportunities in the field that we may or may not know about – things we haven’t yet discovered that we have a latent passion for. Travel and tourism is a great industry because there’s so much to discover, even preparing people for plenty of future job options and opportunities that are yet to exist.

While you may start out wanting a flight stewardess position, this may ignite an interest in entertainment, the food and beverage service, or retail trade. Your travels and experiences will only lead you to more and more doors of opportunity, a few of which you may want to open at some point in your career.


You’ll need transferrable skills

To really flourish, you’ll need to possess a long list of transferrable skills that will help you conquer any job or opportunity within this ever-growing and changing industry. The most important skills in this list include organisational skills, networking, flexibility, adaptability and, of course, a genuine commitment to good-hearted customer service. These five skills will assist you every step of the way, so you should hone them to near perfection to ensure you can do great work no matter what job or environment you’re in.

There’s plenty of benefits

Just as we talked in our previous blog post about Why People Love Working in Travel and Tourism, you’ll be excited to know that there are plenty of work perks that come with pursuing a career in this industry. Your company can send you on work-related travel, you’ll have “ins” on travel, retail, or entertainment discounts, get the opportunity to explore new cultures, meet new people and network with industry leaders, as well as receive tips, bonuses, incentives, and so much more!

Qualifications aren’t required, but they boost your chances of success

While there are a lot of skills you can learn on the job, obtaining a certified qualification through travel and tourism courses will keep you one step ahead of the competition. Qualifications will certainly show employers that you’re serious about your chosen career, but also provide you with skills beforehand that many would learn on the job, thereby boosting your chances of getting your dream role in the bag.

Crown: Helping Travel and Tourism Students Take on the World

Crown Institute is a well-known NZ school of tourism that teaches successful graduates essential skills through real-world experiences, no matter what their dream job is in the field. If you’re ready to take on the world, apply for our travel and tourism courses online or call 0800 357 316 to enrol with Crown today!



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Why People Love Working in Travel and Tourism | Crown Institute

It’s true – those of us who work in travel and tourism love our jobs and have a grand time doing it. If you’re thinking about jump-starting your exciting career in the travel and tourism industry, then you’ve come to the right place!

We want to turn your piqued interest into accelerated excitement – and your initial curiosity into a burning passion for your future job – by giving you the best reasons why people love working in the travel and tourism sector. Read on to find out what’s really great about this booming industry!

1. Travel and tourism helps you see the world

It’s in the name – travel and tourism will help you see more of the world. Whether it’s working as a tour guide, travel agent, or plane or cruise ship worker, your next shift might just take you to a new destination you’ve never been to. If you’ve got a travel bug that you’re itching to remedy, or if you need to satisfy your wanderlust, then a career in travel and tourism will help you achieve both.

2. It’s a growing industry

According to the official Tourism New Zealand website, Tourism is New Zealand’s largest export industry in terms of foreign exchange earnings. With the number of tourists only increasing every year, and with more and more Kiwis wanting to see the rest of our own country and the world as well, it’s really no wonder that this industry is only going to keep providing more and more jobs and opportunities!

3. There’s endless career opportunities  

Speaking of career opportunities, did we mention there are plenty? Common travel and tourism career options include working at hotels, travel agencies, airlines, cruise ships, and more – there’s plenty of skillsets to learn on the job that can help you branch out. You may start working in a travel agency, building a rapport with customers and helping them achieve a great travel experience, and decide you’d like to be working on a cruise ship after completing the required training. With travel and tourism, your enthusiasm and passion to learn are your career openers.

4. Work Perks

Need we say more? Access to work perks is always a plus; working in retail gives you product discounts and working in hospitality gives you food discounts (if you’re lucky!). If you work in travel and tourism jobs, besides the aforementioned perk of being able to travel, plenty of companies also offer heavily discounted company rates, as well as becoming your own holiday and R&R expert!

5. The experiences are priceless

There’s no price for one-of-a-kind experiences. Being able to learn the knowledge and skills that are required of every travel and tourism course graduate, as well as learning about different cultures from many countries and having great adventures in them, all add up to creating precious memories and experiences that you can’t make elsewhere.

Crown Institute’s Travel and Tourism Courses Can Jump-start Your Career!

Our stellar graduates here at Crown Institute of Studies’ travel and tourism courses jumpstart their careers with practical knowledge and expertise, networking opportunities, one-of-a-kind experiences, and so much more.

Check out our travel and tourism courses today or contact us on 0800 632 759 for more information!