Exciting Jobs in Travel Right Now!

The travel and tourism industry offers the most unique careers out there. Here's a list of the most exciting jobs in the industry that’s waiting for you!

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Thinking about taking up travel and tourism courses? Well, you’re in for a swell ride! The travel and tourism industry can give you the chance to experience one of the most exciting careers out there. This is because the industry allows you opportunities to travel, meet and interact with new people, and learn about different cultures. Although it still requires high levels of professionalism and hard-earned skills (as with all types of work), it also entails different experiences that will allow you to broaden your horizons and gain new perspectives.
More than just exciting opportunities, it is also important to consider the market demands for each type of profession and which work relates most to your interests. With many possible options, you may be wondering what kinds of jobs this industry offers that are both exciting and in-demand? Well, we’ve rounded up a list of just these kinds of jobs that you may want to check out if you’re looking to be successful in the travel and tourism industry. Let’s dive in!


Adventure Tour Guide

Becoming a tour guide is one of the most prevalent career choices in the tourism and travel industry today. If you’re someone who loves to explore, converse, and learn about places and people, becoming an adventure tour guide may be for you!
Just like the name suggests, the position will involve plenty of adventures guiding tourists and travellers into specific places and activities. You can be a tour guide for anything from walking tours of historic sites, to museum tours, to safari tours. You can even be the kind of tour guide who provides incredibly niche tours around cities for things like sandwich shop tours, or a tour of a specific person’s life such as an American President.
Jumping into this profession feels a lot like running a school outside a school. It allows you to learn different languages, places, and an amazing amount of in-depth information, and then convey it to others. Learning never stops when you become a tour guide!
Excellent communication skills are necessary for this kind of work and some will also require a bilingual employee so that you can converse with different people in different countries.


Bartender Consultant

This is the perfect hospitality job for those who like to entertain while concocting delicious drinks. Bartender or barkeep consultants are responsible for formulating and serving alcoholic beverages behind a licensed bar establishment. This job can take you anywhere around the world as long as there’s a drinking culture. It’s an exciting role since you bring the vacation to work!
The work involves great communication skills, creativity, and a level of precision in order to create smashing drinks people will remember. The best bartenders are friendly and enthusiastic, and this is a role that can easily be made fun and creative. It’s also a hugely educational job, as there’s heaps to learn about people, flavours, and drink ingredients.


Cruise Ship Employee

Who doesn’t want to be on a cruise? One of the best career options in the industry right now, working on a cruise ship is an excellent way to earn good money while having the ability to journey different parts of the world! Plus, there’s plenty of job opportunities to be had – from working in cruise retail, being part of the cruise staff department, working in the entertainment or hospitality sectors, and more.
Working on a cruise ship is great way to build solid work experience, meet new people, and exchange amazing stories. The money is great, but the exposure and real-world experience is even better!


Theme Park Manager

What a way to relive childhood memories! Becoming a theme park manager means you are responsible for every aspect of the day-to-day running of a theme park. Though it doesn’t always involve fun and games, becoming a theme park manager allows you to demonstrate logic and creativity through strategizing the theme park’s planning and development, manage customer experience, monitor health and safety, and oversee the park’s finances; allowing great overall experience.
Plus, you get to hang out in theme parks all day, every day – who doesn’t want that?


What Job Excites You?

When all is said and done, it still boils down to focusing on your interests, skills, and the type of job which excites you the most. The travel and tourism industry will get you to work in dynamic workplaces with different challenges thrown at you on a daily! It’s safe to say, you will never be bored with your job! Lastly, it offers a variety of niches and a place for everyone to learn and see the world – you can even have fun while you’re at it!


Join New Zealand’s Largest Industry

Crown Institute of Studies offers a variety of travel and tourism courses where you will gain the necessary knowledge and skills necessary in industry. Here is a great chance for you to learn, travel the world and get paid to do it! The certificates we offer will give you an insight into the booming industry that will give you that edge in applying for the role you’re most interested in and suited for.
Contact us so we can help you get started!

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