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Discover the many reasons why people love working in the travel and tourism industry. From travelling to work perks – you could have it all. Learn more here!

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It’s true – those of us who work in travel and tourism love our jobs and have a grand time doing it. If you’re thinking about jump-starting your exciting career in the travel and tourism industry, then you’ve come to the right place!

We want to turn your piqued interest into accelerated excitement – and your initial curiosity into a burning passion for your future job – by giving you the best reasons why people love working in the travel and tourism sector. Read on to find out what’s really great about this booming industry!

1. Travel and tourism helps you see the world

It’s in the name – travel and tourism will help you see more of the world. Whether it’s working as a tour guide, travel agent, or plane or cruise ship worker, your next shift might just take you to a new destination you’ve never been to. If you’ve got a travel bug that you’re itching to remedy, or if you need to satisfy your wanderlust, then a career in travel and tourism will help you achieve both.

2. It’s a growing industry

According to the official Tourism New Zealand website, Tourism is New Zealand’s largest export industry in terms of foreign exchange earnings. With the number of tourists only increasing every year, and with more and more Kiwis wanting to see the rest of our own country and the world as well, it’s really no wonder that this industry is only going to keep providing more and more jobs and opportunities!

3. There’s endless career opportunities  

Speaking of career opportunities, did we mention there are plenty? Common travel and tourism career options include working at hotels, travel agencies, airlines, cruise ships, and more – there’s plenty of skillsets to learn on the job that can help you branch out. You may start working in a travel agency, building a rapport with customers and helping them achieve a great travel experience, and decide you’d like to be working on a cruise ship after completing the required training. With travel and tourism, your enthusiasm and passion to learn are your career openers.

4. Work Perks

Need we say more? Access to work perks is always a plus; working in retail gives you product discounts and working in hospitality gives you food discounts (if you’re lucky!). If you work in travel and tourism jobs, besides the aforementioned perk of being able to travel, plenty of companies also offer heavily discounted company rates, as well as becoming your own holiday and R&R expert!

5. The experiences are priceless

There’s no price for one-of-a-kind experiences. Being able to learn the knowledge and skills that are required of every travel and tourism course graduate, as well as learning about different cultures from many countries and having great adventures in them, all add up to creating precious memories and experiences that you can’t make elsewhere.

Crown Institute’s Travel and Tourism Courses Can Jump-start Your Career!

Our stellar graduates here at Crown Institute of Studies’ travel and tourism courses jumpstart their careers with practical knowledge and expertise, networking opportunities, one-of-a-kind experiences, and so much more.

Check out our travel and tourism courses today or contact us on 0800 632 759 for more information!

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