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Student activities at Crown

Most recently, Crown’s students participated in Horse Riding, Cupcake Decorating and Maori Weaving, all of which proved to be very popular.


For Horse Riding, students took an afternoon trip out to the countryside with Kiwiana tours. There they enjoyed a one hour long ride on a farm, where they also got to participate in honey tasting and marvel at the beautiful native Kauri trees. Many students booked for this, and the afternoon was a huge success!


Another activity that has been popular with the students is Cupcake Decorating. This activity was very cheap, and students got to take home 3 delicious cupcakes at the end! This was held on the Crown Campus with our lovely counselor Cathy, and all the cupcakes, icing and decorations were provided for the students. Many of the participants got really creative, and the results were both tasty and beautiful to look at!


Our most recent activity was traditional Maori weaving which was a completely free activity. Caroline, who is also in charge of Crown’s Multi-Cultural group, took the afternoon to teach students how to make traditional Maori woven flowers. This was done using flax, and everyone who participated in this also got to learn a Maori prayer as well.


Here at Crown, we pride ourselves on offering a wide variety of afternoon activities to suit all budgets, and we like to encourage our students to try them each week. We look forward to providing more exciting activities in the future for our students!

weaving 1 weaving 2
cupcake 3 cupcake 2
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Fun-filled term of activities, fundraisers and events!

Bungy jumping from the Auckland Harbour Bridge, visiting the tallest tower in the southern hemisphere and kayaking in the Bay of Islands are just a few of the exciting things Crown students got up to in term one!

It’s been a fun-filled term with Crown students participating in a variety of activities, fundraisers and events.

The most recent fundraiser was an Anzac Day bake sale that raised $156 for the RSA.

There are weekly activities, like bowling or sailing, along with various class trips!

At Crown, we believe in hands-on learning. Our tutors are always looking for places where students can go and learn about many industries, especially travel and hospitality enterprises.

Recently students visited SkyCity and the Sky Tower and climbed the Auckland Harbour Bridge, where they learned how tour groups are taken around. Some were also brave enough to jump off!

There was a visit to the Bay of Islands for a couple of days and there’s a trip to Fiji in August!

It’s been a great term indeed and we are looking forward to providing many more opportunities to our students in coming months.

Anzac Day Bakesale Bungy 1
Bungy 2 Bungy 3
Bungy 4 Museum
Sky Tower 1 St Patricks Day
St Patricks 3 St Patricks 2