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Hospitality and tourism serving more jobs on SEEK

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Hospitality and tourism are consistently growing industries in New Zealand. As the current construction boom makes way for more commercial buildings, and as more and more people from all over the world arrive on New Zealand shores, it only makes sense that these two sectors are offering more opportunities for work.

SEEK, one of New Zealand’s top destinations for job opportunities online, publishes monthly reports on the growth of different job sectors. These reports frequently mention significant sector growth for hospitality and tourism across the country. Let’s break down the numbers and charts, and take a detailed look at the job opportunities offered by these industries in New Zealand.

Hospitality and tourism jobs in 2017

In August of 2017, SEEK reported that over the previous three months, job ads for the industry grew 9 per cent when compared to the same period in the previous year. These jobs opportunities were focussed on food service roles, including: Chefs/Cooks, Management, Bar & Beverage Staff, and Front Office & Guest Services. To finish off 2017, SEEK released a year-end report detailing the positive advertising growth of 24 out of 29 industries on SEEK in November.

The hospitality and tourism sector saw the 4th largest growth for the month of November as compared to the previous year (2016). There were 32 per cent more job listings advertised on the website – a considerably steep number that may have been spiked by the coming holidays.

Consistent job ad growth in 2018

Hospitality and Tourism job opportunities have consistently increased this year as compared to last year, with the numbers staying over 10 per cent each month. A spike in April, especially, was recorded by SEEK job ad data. The hospitality and tourism sector experienced the largest growth, spiking up 32 per cent alongside the legal sector (34 per cent). Much of this result was due to seasonal factors as the country moved into winter, while the Western hemisphere moved into summer, giving rise to both domestic and international visitors all over New Zealand.

An overview of hospitality and tourism jobs in NZ

According to New Zealand Now, hospitality and tourism is our second largest export earner, providing nearly 17.1 per cent of total export revenues. In 2016, visitors spent NZ$10 billion for the year, up 12.2 per cent on the previous year. The number of New Zealand overseas visitors continues to double every decade since 1970, and the hospitality and tourism sector has been working hard to meet this demand, creating great opportunities for employees in the process. The country’s top tourist destinations have the largest job concentrations, namely: Auckland, Queenstown, Canterbury/Christchurch, Rotorua/Bay of Plenty, and Wellington.

Crown: serving up quality hospitality and tourism courses in Auckland

Here at Crown Institute of Studies, we’re passionate about providing New Zealand with top-quality professionals to support our country’s continued growth. If you’re looking for courses in Auckland, especially hospitality and travel and tourism courses, you’ve come to the right place!

Contact us today for any study inquiries or give us a ring at 0800 632 759 and we’ll be happy to help you start your career in the booming hospitality and tourism sector!

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Do you prefer your raspberry jam shaken or stirred?

Congratulations to the Crown Institute of Studies students who competed at the 2013 New Zealand Culinary Fare.
Students from Crown competed for the first time in the Original/Innovative Cocktail class of the Fare.  They were awarded silver and bronze medals. The judging was extremely strict compared to the Auckland Regional Culinary Fare.  No gold medals were awarded in the Original/Innovative Cocktail class, so this was a great result.
Chris Saw’s ‘Mad Craving’ cocktail won him a silver medal.  He used some really interesting ingredients such as fresh ginger, raspberry jam, rhubarb and his own homemade sour mix.  The judges commented on how well he had infused strawberry Skittles in the Finlandia Vodka that he used in the cocktail.
The Crown students all study in the Certificate in International Hospitality – Food and Beverage Service course.  This is a very popular course where students gain six NZQA National Certificates and the internationally recognised London City and Guilds Diploma.
Along with the class-work, the course includes focused career sessions, graduate career guidance and an up to date job zone. Many of our students gain relevant work experience while studying.  Students are supported during studies to become work ready and hit the ground running. Crown hospitality students work in many of Auckland’s prestigious hotels, restaurants and bars.
Studying a hospitality course can help you to secure one of the best jobs in the industry, as there is a shortage of experienced workers. Vacancies can appear suddenly, so when the perfect opportunity arises, you want to be prepared, knowing you're qualified with the experience and expertise to be in the running for a great position.
If you would like more information about Crown’s Hospitality courses then please contact the recruitment team on 0800 357 316 or

Enrolling now for courses starting October 2013 and February 2014.

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