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The Most Exciting Business Pathways Available In New Zealand


For anyone who has an eager mind and a determined attitude, New Zealand has an ample amount of business opportunities. Whether you’ve just graduated from a course such as our Level 3 Business Certificate, or just have that entrepreneurial spirit, here is a summary of the career paths available in New Zealand to help get you on your feet and into the workforce.

Where to start in business?

This question in everyone’s minds. If you took any business courses in Auckland, you would have learned the skills needed to start a business, but where do you direct your knowledge? Along with the rest of the world, each day New Zealand progresses with technology and ideas. This leaves for plentiful business opportunities just waiting to be executed successfully. Take a ponder at a few of the business ideas, which may help inspire you to find a route of your own:

Recycling Opportunities

New Zealand stands proud in calling itself a green, healthy environment, with most of its residents wanting to be tidy kiwis. However, waste is inevitable—from general rubbish and sewage waste to non-biodegradable wastes such as plastic and glass. Luckily, a country’s need opens an opportunity for you. New Zealand is in dire need of more waste recycling facilities and a greater introduction to green products, leaving you with countless directions to approach this issue through business.

Agriculture Opportunities

A sector of business that has always been a money magnet in New Zealand. With increasing awareness and demand for organic farming, there is a huge need for organically produced products. A steady call and market demand for this commodity increase the chance of success with your business.

Tourism Opportunities

Annually, New Zealand has around 3.82 million visitors step onto its shores, with analysts predicting that this number will only increase in the coming years. Use this enormous potential by starting a business that caters to tourists.

Other opportunities that might serve interest

Health care equipment, retail, tech devices, online marketing, processed foods, maintenance services and an endless list of others.

Job Searching: What if starting a business isn’t for me?

Perhaps starting something on your own was never your intention. But worry not! With a business degree, there are plenty of job opportunities and career paths into already established businesses. How do you choose what job you go into?

Each job entails a slightly different set of skills. Apart from the skills, you must ask the most important question, where do your interests lie? Perhaps you have an interest in numbers and proficiency in IT, then accountancy could be the route for you. Maybe your interests completely differ to this and you are more creative and have great people skills, than a path into advertising might suit you better.

Below is a small list of suitable pathways you could look into. Research a little deeper into the ones that strike an interest and look into their requirements. The next step is to convince someone why you would be perfect for the job. You may be knocked down a few times, but never lose courage. With persistence, you are sure to find the perfect job for you.

A small list of great job pathways for a business graduate:

  • Accountancy
  • Advertising
  • Investment and financial services
  • General management
  • Public relations
  • Sales and marketing

Jump back to school

For those who feel that they haven’t learned enough or want to dig deeper into a knowledge related around business, there are many further schooling opportunities.

Right here at New Zealand Crown Institute of Studies, we help students to excel in the business sector. Once you have been certified with a New Zealand Certificate (Introduction to Small Business) at Level 3, you can choose to go straight to the workforce or study further.

If you still aren’t satisfied and want to learn more, you can then consider studying business at a Diploma or Degree level. It is never too late to start, and you can never learn too much. With hard work and determination, you will find much success in the exciting business pathways available in New Zealand.

Improve Your Business Skills with Crown Institute

Crown Institute of Studies offers a huge range of business courses in Auckland for students of every level. To find out what course could be right for you or to discuss enrolments, get in touch today!