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Governance Committee Board Meeting

GCB members present were:

  1. Mr Troy Clarry, Managing Director Katalyma Hotels & Hospitality
  2. Mr Sajad Bassam Tabar, Director Marsden Group
  3. Ms Cassandra Powell, General Manager of Marketing, Assurity Consulting Ltd
  4. Ms Azania Watene, Legal Counsel, Fuji Xerox
  5. Mr Matt Stenton, Programme Director, Go With Tourism

GCB apologies: 

  1. Mr Paul Hagai, Director, Aku Yanga Community Projects
  2. Mr Ron Chan, Senior Captain, Cathay Pacific
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How Crown is Different to Other Schools

Want to join a career in business, hospitality, or travel & tourism but lack the experience or know-how to get a foot in the door? If so, then studying with Crown is one of the best steps forward you could make, and we’ll help you get the work experience you need to join the career of your dreams. So how exactly do we help you achieve your goals, and why should you choose to study with us?

We’re leaders in the industry

Crown is first-rate in the field of business, hospitality, travel and tourism, and is one of the longest-running tertiary institutes in New Zealand. Having been established since 1972 (that’s 48 years of teaching!) our fundamental principles of providing caring and innovative training have not changed one bit! However, we’re not stuck in the times, either. In fact, we are constantly improving our practices! We keep our courses and teaching methods fresh and relevant through Crown’s strong connection with reputable partners in the industry.

We provide an innovative & caring approach to learning

We are passionate about holistic learning; this means we aren’t just focused on getting students the academic knowledge they need to succeed in the field. We are dedicated to developing our students and helping them win in all aspects of their lives. Our teachers are also genuinely invested in every one of their students and more than willing to support, listen, and guide students however they can. This is why we also provide a wide range of support services such as career and wellbeing support, as well as student support workshops outside of regular classes. These workshops will supply you with all the tips you need and help you step into the professional world with confidence.
In addition to this, we can also provide free public transport for students through an AT Hop card to make getting to and from school each day a breeze!

Crown creates confident & world-ready graduates

Our Real World Experience (RWE) and work placements are vital parts of Crown’s curriculum. RWE covers an in-depth range of experiences that helps to bring students into the realm of business, hospitality, travel and tourism, such as:

  •  Consistent exposure to the exciting world of employment.
  • Onsite Seminars, networking events.
  • Offsite industry visits and famils (familiarisation tours)

All of these excellent experiences help students built their skills, knowledge, and confidence in the industry! Work placements are the final milestone for students to complete their Crown Diploma programme.

All the knowledge, skills, attributes, and Real World Experience students gain through their studies is put to the test in this final Work placement.

We can provide this excellent opportunity thanks to the close working relationship we have with many of New Zealand’s best hotels, tourism operators, and travel agencies. Each of the businesses we work with is happy to help Crown students, providing great career stability and promotion opportunities!

Great Facilities & Culture

Not only is Crown loved for its welcoming environment, great culture, and friendly staff and students, Crown is also loved for its modern and multi-level campus grounds which have the best training facilities students could need! Our facilities include:

  • Ramada hotel room & reception desk
  • Airline cabin
  • Travel agency desk
  • Bar and barista training area
  • Kitchen facilities
  • Café & restaurant area
  • Outdoor & indoor student common area
  • Cultural performance & seminar area
  • Classrooms with computers

We give students the valuable connections they need

Crown’s great relationship with reputable, quality industry partners means that throughout your studies, we will connect you with some of these great partners. Students have multiple opportunities to meet companies and get connected at events such as onsite seminars, networking events, offsite visits, famils, Real World Experience, and Work Placements. These connections to first-hand travel and tourism practices, people, and opportunities, are the steppingstones that give Crown students a foot in the door before the rest.

Study with us and kick-start your career!

Whether you’re interested in studying barista courses, hospitality courses, or are looking into business or travel and tourism careers, we’re here to help you succeed in your career goals! If you’re interested in the opportunities we can offer you, register your interest with Crown today and we’ll be in touch with you within two working days to confirm your enrolment.