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What It Takes To Be A Five-Star Hotel Manager

Do you have the passion, attention to detail and work ethic necessary to be a five-star hotel manager?

When you watched The Grand Budapest Hotel, did you get chills and stabs of envy as you watched Gustave H. slay his role as the manager of the hotel? Are you itching to be responsible for the upkeep of a marvellous and prestigious hotel and provide each guest with an unforgettable experience? Maybe you have what it takes to be a five-star hotel manager. Let’s find out.


Education is Key

Work experience is an obvious must, but if you truly want to understand the ins and outs of the accommodation industry, if you really want to rise through the ranks and work at the top of Auckland hotels as prestigious as The Langham, Sofitel Viaduct Harbour, Sky City Grand and the Hilton, then you’ve got to get the right education. A National Diploma in Hospitality Management is widely recognised and highly regarded as it teaches you many of the skills you’ll need to manage such a business.


Great Communication Skills

Hotel managers must be able to make each and every guest feel welcome and special. You must be good at facial recognition and at anticipating the needs of the guest so that you can create the best possible experience for them.

In addition, you’ll have to carry on these communication skills to staff members, whom you’ll have to manage—a difficulty in and of itself. Your job will entail making phone calls and addressing any complaints or problems.


Excellent Organisational Skills

A five-star hotel must be run like a machine, and you are the conductor. You must have impeccable organisation skills because it is you who will be responsible for every single hotel operation. From the concierge and reception to guest services and reservations, from security and catering to entertainment and housekeeping, you must be able to keep tabs on every aspect of the hotel seamlessly and with grace.


Good Budgeting Skills

As the manager of a five-star hotel, you likely won’t have to scrimp and save. Nonetheless, it’s important for you to understand how the budget works. This involves setting room rates, allocating department funds, estimating costs of food, signing off expenditures and much more. At the end of the day, you want to make a decent profit and satisfy your customers. This can be a rather daunting task, but one you are more than willing to take on because your salary as a 5 star hotel manager can reach as high as six figures.


Be Motivated and Accept Criticism

Hotel management is a very competitive field. You must be motivated in order to succeed against others who are like you. Motivation is the only thing that will keep you going in this incredibly demanding industry. But motivation shouldn’t stop with you. You need to be your staff’s biggest cheerleader, motivating them to do better and work harder even when they are exhausted. You must always remind them that they are a valuable part of something bigger than themselves.

At the same time, you must be strong enough to accept criticism, even from your most lowly employee. Constructive criticism will help you grow into a great manager.

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