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What It Takes To Be an Awesome Travel Agent


Travel the world and get paid to do it. Here’s how to become an awesome travel agent.

Globalisation is taking over, and that means more and more opportunities for people to travel and learn about other cultures. While many people think that travel agents are a career of the past, they don’t know that this industry has only just started. More and more options for travellers means that they need more help planning their trips and reaching their destinations. That’s where you come in. Do you have what it takes to be an awesome travel agent?

Start With the Education

It’s not as simple as loving to travel and having a desire to give yourself great deals around the world. While these are definitely reasons to break into the field of travel and tourism, it’s important for you to understand the industry, especially as it’s one that spans over many countries. Taking a course in travel and tourism will be very beneficial if you truly want to excel at a job that often runs on commission. From a basic certificate in tourism that will give you knowledge of New Zealand destinations and the importance of tourism to the New Zealand economy to a certificate in international travel and tourism for a broader knowledge base, the knowledge you gain from courses is invaluable to your blossoming career.

Be Insightful and Passionate

Successful travel agents aren’t just selling tickets; they’re selling experiences. You have to be able to anticipate your customer’s needs and desires. It’s good to be able to read people so that you can understand their individual expectations in order to create a unique experience for them.

You’ve got to truly love what you do. Passion not only for personal travel, but also for learning is important. The travel and tourism industry changes with each country’s political, social and economic situation. You must always update your knowledge base and understand the latest developments within the industry.

Relationship Building Skills

You don’t just want a happy customer. You want a repeat customer. You want that customer to refer their friends and family to you. This means that you’ve got to know how to be a good mix of genuine and professional, always making your customer feel like the individual that they are. A lot of this will come from your passion and insight, but it also has to come from your personality and ability to make people happy and feel special.


You’ve got to be extremely motivated if you want to be an awesome travel agent. You’ve got to have the drive to learn as much as you can, to be able to shamelessly self-promote yourself on social media and more or less ruthlessly follow up on leads, keeping in constant communication with your client before, during and after the trip. You’ve got to want it every second of every day.

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