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Bronze is the new Black: The New Zealand Culinary Fare 17 – 19 August 2014

The New Zealand Culinary Fare found a new home in the Vodafone Events Centre in Auckland, which boasts a grand arena and extensive amphitheatre seating to host both spectators and supporters. This annual event is the perfect place to test both professional and training Food and Beverage entrants to the highest standard, providing a platform for contestants to show off their knowledge and skills to discerning judges, and allowing only the very best to come out on top.


After achieving well in the Regionals, Crown Institute Food & Beverage students Chloe Hartwell and Woody Sim were joined by their classmates Amy Partridge, Matthew Bouzaid and Siaosi Finau to compete in the Front of House Cocktail Class.


The competition for this class was based around classic cocktail making, and contestants were required to produce and serve 4 glasses of classic cocktails, consisting of two Mojitos and either two Daiquiri or two Mai Tai. Following this, each competitor was asked a cocktail related question.


Out of the 50 or so contestants in the Classic Cocktail competition, Crown Institute students made up around 10% of the competitors, and every single one of our students received a bronze medal placing. Siaosi Finau was even told that he had made the best tasting cocktails in the whole Classic Cocktail class, something both he and his tutor Troy were very pleased about!


The professionalism and skill of Crown Institute’s students really shone through at this year’s New Zealand Culinary Fare, and we wish to congratulate of them for all their hard work and showing that bronze really is the new black!

Amy at Culinary Fare 2014 1(copy) Matthew at Culinary Fare 2014(copy) Siasi at Culinary Fare 2014(copy)
Chloe at Culinary fare 2014(copy) Woody at Culinary Fare 2014(copy) Culinary Fare 2014(copy)