Why Studying in New Zealand is Fantastic

Girl leaning against railing in Auckland Viaduct with Sky Tower in background
Studying in New Zealand is great. Courses in New Zealand range as far as you can imagine, and there is something for everyone. Read about more NZ perks here.

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Whether you’re a kiwi born and raised, or from another part of the globe and looking to spread your wings, New Zealand is a fantastic place to study for many reasons. Coming to New Zealand to study can be an easy process, as student visas allow you to live and even work part time in New Zealand while you study. Courses in New Zealand range as far as you can imagine, so there really is something for everyone. Don’t take our word for it though, read this article to find out why studying in New Zealand really is so great!

Friendly Locals

University is the perfect time to make new friendships that you can carry with you through life, and New Zealand is the ideal place to make lasting friendships, as Kiwis are known to be among the friendliest in the world. Kiwis have an easy-going nature that makes it easy to get along with them. What’s more, they’re usually up for many an impromptu social occasion, due to being so relaxed.

Sometimes when choosing to study abroad in foreign countries people can find the experience isolating. A distinct difference that makes New Zealand stand out is many people’s inclusive attitude, and this can be incredibly helpful when you’re new to the place.

Never-Ending Road Trip Opportunities

The New Zealand landscape is absolutely beautiful, and for most people studying in big cities, the rivers, mountains and beaches are only a short road-trip away. Studying in New Zealand means getting to spend weekends renting picturesque Airbnb’s out in the bush, or piling up the surfboards to drive out to a black sand surf beach on a Saturday morning. There are endless opportunities to get out into nature and experience something new that New Zealand has to offer, all you need is a mate with a car and a bit of gas money.

Throughout the year, there are plenty of study breaks to spend going on adventures. Most semesters are made up of twelve weeks, with a 2 week break in the centre, and at least a month off in between semesters. Summer is the best time to be here on study break, as festivals pop up all across the country that get young people together to have a good time.

Diverse Culture

Entering any of the main cities in New Zealand, you will immediately notice that there’s an extremely diverse range of people who inhabit these spaces. It’s no wonder, as New Zealand is one of the safest places to live. This diversity means that there’s no shortage of culture in all aspects of life. Not only are Kiwis rooted in Maori culture, we also have a vibrant cultural scene that extends from all four corners of the earth. There are a huge range of attractions, festivals, and cuisines available in this country, from Diwali festivals that take up the entire main streets, to the Matariki Maori New Year festival lighting up entire cities for weeks.

Great Public Transport Systems

Every political election, the first thing on everyone’s list of policies is public transport. We’ve come an incredibly long way for a country that was built around the concept of cars, and both Auckland and Wellington now have comprehensive public transport systems that can get you pretty much anywhere across the cities and surrounding suburbs.

Studying in Auckland in the next couple of years will mean you’ll get the opportunity to be one of the first regular users of the City Rail Link, a massive central city train system that is currently in development.

Top Study Options

New Zealand’s education system is ranked at a high standard worldwide. It is based on the New Zealand Qualifications Framework, which focuses on quality education far higher than quantity. As a result, students find themselves in much smaller classes than they may be used to overseas, and much more focused personal attention to their learning. There are eight official universities in New Zealand, and many other higher educational facilities as well. No matter where you study, you’ll be guaranteed a quality education that will really take you places.

Study at Crown Institute in Auckland

If you’re keen to study in New Zealand, Crown has a range of courses in New Zealand that could be perfect for you. From travel and tourism and hospitality courses, to studying the complex English language. Plus, your course will gain you valuable work experience in the New Zealand workforce to kick start your career in this beautiful country. View our courses online now.


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