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Interested in working in hospitality? We break down what people mean when they refer to the ‘hospitality industry’ as a service industry! Learn more here.

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The term ‘hospitality industry’ can often cause confusion, simply because it’s such a broad term. Under that all-encompassing phrase is a broad network of sectors. The hotel receptionist greeting you as you enter the hotel is an integral part of the hospitality industry, just as the people working in a restaurant create magic behind the scenes. Even your flight attendant on the plane is a member of the hospitality industry!

Aside from pinpointing the graduates from hospitality courses, here is a look into what people really mean when they say ‘I studied for the hospitality industry.’

What is the hospitality industry?

We’ve touched on a few of the different sub-industries included in the term, now know what it refers to. When you say ‘hospitality industry,’ this refers to businesses that serve guests. A host welcomes guests into a place where they will be provided different services such as entertainment, food, health services, safe stay, and many more. Simply put, customer satisfaction is king in these places.

I studied to work in a restaurant, am I in the hospitality industry?

The hospitality industry refers to any place that serves people, and this includes bars, restaurants, and cafes! A restaurant, whether or not it is part of a hotel, falls under the hospitality industry. Any business that is engaged in customer satisfaction and providing services not limited to food is under the hospitality industry. For example, working on cruise ships will fall under the hospitality industry banner. Any place that serves people and seeks to satisfy them during their 

stay is qualified.

What can I expect from people working in this industry?

If you’re referring to the level of services that they offer, then you can expect only the best. The hospitality industry’s lifeblood is customer satisfaction. The reason why customers go to places under the hospitality industry banner is that they’re looking for a way to escape the stress of everyday life. Therefore, only the best service should be expected from industries under this banner, or they risk bad customer reviews!

What is required other than service?

Personality is a major part of the hospitality industry, and businesses will add personal flair wherever they can. Most of these gimmicks are seen at hotels and restaurants. Hotels are much simpler hospitality providers; they may deck their reception and lobby in colours related to the season. Restaurants are more complex; they can choose between simple decorations or having their staff dress for the season. You may see pirates during Halloween or Santa’s elves during Christmas in some restaurants!

How do businesses in the hospitality industry thrive?

As long as the customer is happy and satisfied, businesses in the hospitality industry are, too! People working in hospitality make money by getting customers—and even a few of their friends—to come back to their establishment. The tragedy is: if they fail to placate these customers, bad word of mouth can spell the end for a business quickly.

Interested in working in a role under the hospitality industry banner?  Crown Institute of Studies has produced excellent hospitality course graduates, with many now working as leaders in their places of work! For more information on how you can enrol, contact us today!


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