The Best Study Spots in Auckland City

Sick of the same old Auckland study spots and need some new ideas for places to concentrate? Here are a few of our favourite study spots!

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Studying in Auckland has a neat collection of rewards and benefits, and the multitude of contrasting backdrops around the city is just one of them. When you’re studying in Auckland, whether it be for travel and tourism, or history and business, you can guarantee you won’t have to search very far to find a secluded spot to set out your books and get some serious study done. But if you’re sick of the same old spots and you need some new ideas for places to concentrate, here are a few of our favourite study spots!

On the Lush Grass of Albert Park

Uni students from all Auckland campuses congregate in Albert Park; it’s the central thoroughfare for all aspiring wizards *ahem* scholars. Situated right among all the commuters passing through can be the perfect place to go completely unnoticed.

On a sunny day, the park benches of Albert park are glistening off the reflection of the fountain, and you can easily get your tan on while you sit and study. Alternatively, setting up in the comfort of the Gazebo can be an ideal atmosphere to zone out of the world around you. Or just find a dry patch of grass under the shade of the park’s great trees. Trust us—great weather and a light breeze will do you some good and will only heighten your focus! (Just don’t fall asleep during your study break!)

Auckland City Library

Okay, maybe we’re stating the obvious here, but so many people overlook Auckland City Library as a valid study spot! There’s no shortage of spots to hide away or set up your notes within the four walls of this vast building. There’s free WiFi, computers to use stacked with all the programs you’ll ever need, and for the more creative projects they even have a dedicated Makerspace complete with 3D printers!

This library has definitely evolved into more than just a book depository—it just keeps getting better and better over the time—but that doesn’t mean there isn’t still an impressive collection of books. The Auckland library network is the largest in the entire southern hemisphere, and you can request any book from the network to be delivered to the central library online. This includes fiction, non-fiction, graphic novels, reference books, old newspapers and even heritage documents.

Surrounded by History at the Museum

Auckland War Memorial Museum is just a short walk across the domain, and offers free entry with proof of Auckland residency. Along with all the fascinating exhibitions, Auckland Museum is also home to a vast research library, which is an absolutely perfect spot to study among some of the country’s most expansive history collections.

Surely you can get smarter just by sitting among all the documents and absorbing their knowledge, right? Either way, this provides an engrossing environment that will find you being incredibly hard to disturb. Plus, it’s pretty quiet.

Over a Cup of Coffee: Café Study

The central city is full of hidden cafes and eateries perfect for setting up and studying over a cup of delicious coffee and a snack. As a student, you’ve got to scout out which cafes will be happy for you to sit there for a couple of hours with your laptop out—but these places definitely exist! Here are some of our favourites:

Welcome Eatery, Grafton

This spacious eatery is a short walk across Grafton Bridge from the central city. Its patrons consist mainly of like-minded focused students, as well as the odd business meeting. It’s the perfect atmosphere to get some work done and escape a little from the hustle and bustle of the city.

William’s Eatery, Wynyard Quarter

Enjoy a stroll along Auckland’s waterfront on your way to this sunny study spot. Both the coffee and food are next level at this popular eatery, and the modern interior exudes a calming feel to take away all the stress of uni. If you stay for long enough, you can even enjoy one of the best ‘golden hour’ spots the city has to offer.

Bestie Cafe, St Kevin’s Arcade

For a study sesh with a view, Bestie is really the best! Set up at one of the tables at the end of the historical St Kevin’s Arcade on K’ Rd, and you’ve got yourself one of the most ‘grammable study spots in the city, looking out over Myers Park and the city beyond. Grab a coffee or a kombucha and you’re all set to go.

Remedy Coffee, Midtown

Just off Queen St at number 1 Wellesley Street is tucked away the cutest little coffee shop. This place is frequented by students and offers a quaint, study vibe as the walls are lined with books and plants. Just like studying in your lounge without having to make the commute home.

Make the most of Studying in Auckland

No matter whether you’re in lectures, completing your work experience, or finding a good spot to study, when you enrol in Crown Institute, we’ll guide you through making the absolute most out of Auckland while you study. It really is a great place to be completing a degree, and if you’re interested in starting one, get in touch with us today!


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