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Love to travel? Our travel and tourism courses are an entry into the professional world. Learn how to prepare for a career in travel and tourism from the experts!

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Travel and tourism are two words that, when put together, sounds really nice. For people who really love the outdoors, a job in the travel and tourism industry is heaven-sent. The journey to becoming a professional in this field isn’t easy, but a word or two from those who are already experts in their role goes a very long way.

Do you want to become the best in the industry? Below, you’ll find some valuable advice from professionals in the travel and tourism industry.

Become an expert yourself

The tourism industry allows for a lot of general tourism experts but, to really be successful, focus in a particular field is necessary. Some people love the mountains; others love rivers or the sea. If you want to be a successful agent in this industry, work toward becoming a proven expert in one area.

Learn how to be a storyteller

People in travel and tourism courses suffer from the overload of online content about travel already available on the Internet. Nothing beats personal stories, however. If you want to become a successful member of the industry, a wealth of experience and the ability to relay your adventures to an indifferent audience should be your primary weapon! If you can interest them with your stories of outdoor hiking, you’ve got yourself a loyal client.

Practice makes perfect

Becoming a travel and tourism professional means you’ll be dealing with different people. At first, customer service may be something you’re not equipped to deal with. A pro-tip is to roleplay scenarios to improve your skills; imagine that you’re dealing with a difficult customer, or have a classmate help you in that task. Practicing your conversation skills will go a long way when you’re already working!

When in doubt, ask around

It’s rare for a student to come into class with all the answers already figured out. So when you’re confused about something, ask around for help! Ask the teacher or classmates to repeat something if it didn’t come across clearly. Don’t be afraid to ask your classmates for help if you’re struggling to understand a specific concept. A well-informed student always turns into a well-informed professional!

Prepare a proper CV

When you’re looking for a job after graduating, your CV is the first thing employers will look at. Remember to create a CV that exudes confidence and shows how prepared you are for the job! For this, career week in travel and tourism courses is important – it is here that you get taught the basics of the working world. If you don’t want a hard time looking for work, having a CV that’s straight to the point is important.

Crown Institute of Studies has always produced outstanding travel and tourism professionals, and we ensure everyone finishes our course with all the necessary skills for their field! Interested in inquiring about a course? Call 0800 357 316 now or check out our travel and tourism courses here at Crown today!


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