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Want to fast-track your career? Here are some New Year’s resolutions you can take on board to keep you motivated and inspired throughout the school year!

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It’s officially 2019, a new year! Is it time for a new ‘do? Or maybe a new you? If you’re a month into the year and still trying to figure out what your New Year’s resolutions are going to be and where you want to take your life this year, we’re here to help. We’ve put together some great goals that will help you boost your career and kickstart your year with courses in New Zealand to assist you along the way!

Find some inspiration

If you’re going into in the new year with a bit of a slump, a good resolution to have for the year is to let yourself be inspired within your industry. As much as your slump-demons may lead you to believe this is a hard task to achieve, it can be as easy as going on YouTube and looking up some TED talks, or following successful, relatable influencers on Instagram who (don’t forget) are people just like you.

Everyone experiences slumps – and looking to inspiration from people who are succeeding can help you to find your own promising ways for getting out of them! Maybe they’ll inspire you to create exciting content of your own, or maybe they’ll share some inspiring words that will resonate with you in just the right spots. Either way, you’ll be surprised at the change in attitude that can come out of being inspired, and your teachers and employers will notice this as well.

Expand your skill set

You’re never finished learning new things, so what better time to decide to make a serious effort to expand your skill set in your chosen career path than the new year? This is a sure-fire way to boost your career, as more and more opportunities become available to you when your skill set grows broader.

A promising way you can do this is to gain a certificate in an area that you may personally be lacking. Certificates can be obtained relatively easily, as they don’t take too long to complete. In fact, some courses in New Zealand will take less than a week. And as long as you give your workplace a significant notice period, they shouldn’t have a problem giving you the time you need to complete them so you can bring more value to the workplace.

For example, if you’re in hospitality as a wait staff and you want to expand your skill set within the hospitality industry, there are lots of options available. A short Barista course could help you build your knowledge in making delicious coffees, and a food and beverage certificate can help you to get one step further to working in the kitchen.

The great thing about certificates is that they’re a professionally recognised document, so as soon as you gain them, you’ll be a more valuable asset to your workplace.

Take more opportunities

Once you’ve expanded your skill set, don’t put them to waste by ignoring opportunities that come at you. A key way to train yourself to take opportunities outside of your comfort zone is to make an effort to say “YES” to more things. Whether they’re serious promotions, networking opportunities such as industry events, or just going out to lunch with your co-workers, you never know what might happen! So, just say yes and take as many opportunities as you can – you can figure out the smaller details as they come.

On that note, overthinking is a huge hindrance to professional gain, and it’s easy to let our anxieties get the best of us. But when it comes to saying yes to things that may be a bit out of our comfort zone, the best thing we can do to move up in our industry the fastest is to be known as a person who isn’t afraid to take opportunities and try new things. It is an incredibly valuable asset to have in a professional environment and you’ll find yourself growing in no time!

Need a career boost? Start now!

No matter what path you’re taking in your career, there’s always room for improvement to give yourself a boost. The first thing to do with any resolution is to start achieving it! Our courses in New Zealand are available for a wide range of industries and levels, so if you’re keen to start the year off with a bang, contact us to talk about your opportunities today.



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