New Café at Crown Causes Waves!

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Crown students and staff no longer need to venture out of the campus to find scrumptious muffins, coffee and lunches!

At Crown, we are continually trying to find opportunities for our students to gain valuable work experience. Crown hospitality students are helping run the café and the skills they are learning are going towards completing their unit standards.

The Ripple café was one of the school’s initiatives for students to learn how to operate their own café and to be trained in running a business. Commercial Café owners Max and Vivienne are really keen to show students how to run a professional café, alongside providing great food and beverages at reasonable prices!

Max and Viv also own VMax Café which is situated in the funky Wynyard Quarter where their main clientele are bankers, lawyers and other business people. Their combined knowledge of award-winning barista skills and a long history in hospitality is going to really inspire our students to be the best they can be!

The food is made fresh every day and is very tasty indeed. From delicious sandwiches, salads and curries, to cakes and muffins, there is a wide variety of food to suit everyone’s tastes.

Students will acquire invaluable skills from this experience. At Crown, we find that graduates who have relevant work experience in the industry step into the workforce much faster than those without it.

The name The Ripple, originates from the business partners’ love of liquids: perfectly-extracted espressos, velvety blended smoothies shared with friends and the new location of the café which boasts sea views. The Ripple – A ripple of laughter, coffee with a peep of the sea, food and fun with friends.

Our comprehensive 42 week Food and Beverage Service and Hotel Services and Reception Operations qualifications will equip you with everything you need for a long and successful career in hospitality.

Alternatively, we also offer a variety of shorter hospitality courses, ranging from 14 to 28 weeks in length. You are free to choose the qualification that best fits your needs and time limitations.

Finally, our widely recognised and highly regarded 56 week National Diploma in Hospitality Management qualification is perfect for those looking to gain a thorough and detailed understanding of the skills required to work in the hospitality sector.

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How Crown is Different to Other Schools

Crown is first-rate in the field of business, hospitality, travel and tourism, and is one of the longest-running tertiary institutes in New Zealand. Having been established since 1972 (that’s 48 years of teaching!) our fundamental principles of providing caring and innovative training have not changed one bit! However, we’re not stuck in the times, either. In fact, we are constantly improving our practices! We keep our courses and teaching methods fresh and relevant through Crown’s strong connection with reputable partners in the industry.

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