Meet our 2016 Crown Ambassadors!

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While studying at Crown, students are given the opportunity to apply to be part of our student representative team, the Crown Ambassadors. This enables students develop skills in a variety of capacities, throughout the year on a volunteer basis.


Crown Ambassadors are involved in many aspects around the school such as the organisation of events and activities for fellow Crown students; marketing; taking part in team meetings; by being an identifiable presence on Campus for their classmates; and providing the Crown student body with a voice.

Please meet our Crown Ambassadors for 2016:

Mary Banal-916 Jessie Putu-387 Duy Tran-766  
Mary Banal Jessie Putu Duy Tran  
Senila Suini-394 Chavaun Hill-689 Waiehu-673  
Senila Suini Chavaun Hill Waiehu Ruru  


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Governance Committee Board Meeting

Crown’s governance committee board (GCB) held its inaugural meeting today. Over a fine dining lunch hosted by the Northern Club, Dr. Josephine Do introduced the stellar cast to staff members and then outlined the Institute’s aims and objectives. GCB members listened attentively, occasionally interjecting with clarifying and perceptive questions. Constructive advice flowed generously. From this positive and affirming meeting emerged a list of action points that staff will be working on over the next quarter.

How Crown is Different to Other Schools

Crown is first-rate in the field of business, hospitality, travel and tourism, and is one of the longest-running tertiary institutes in New Zealand. Having been established since 1972 (that’s 48 years of teaching!) our fundamental principles of providing caring and innovative training have not changed one bit! However, we’re not stuck in the times, either. In fact, we are constantly improving our practices! We keep our courses and teaching methods fresh and relevant through Crown’s strong connection with reputable partners in the industry.

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