How to Absolutely Smash Your Holiday Job Interview | Crown Institute

The holidays are the perfect opportunity to make extra cash on the side. Check out our handy guide to help you nail that holiday job interview!

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Applying for a seasonal job is different from a regular job application. In a regular setting, a full-time worker is patiently expected to learn the skills associated to their job in time or develop their skills while working. A seasonal hire is different. Either they are already skilled enough for the job, or are fast learners and able to adapt to the requirements of the job quickly.
How can you convince your possible employers that you’re the right person for the seasonal job? Here are a few tips for you to land that temp job for the holidays.

Realize that it’s temporary

Seasonal jobs are just that—seasonal. While they may possibly last longer than (and employers will typically be upfront with that fact), seasonal jobs are largely based around seasonal demands. Temporary jobs require people who can pick up skills quickly and learn what they can from the get-go, so make sure that you’re a fast learner or already equipped with a handful of the necessary skills. This can also be when those short courses Auckland universities and institutes offer may come in handy – you can quickly learn the skills you need to deliver in a job right away.

Be prepared to answer behavioural questions

A company offering seasonal jobs would want to get the best person available. Make yourself that person! Prepare to answer questions on how you handled a particularly difficult customer or how you are like when working under pressure. Most of the questions you’re going to be asked are situational and adjusted to fit the job’s seasonal nature. The key is to keep yourself calm under pressure, and clearly communicate how your personality and work ethic are suited to the job.

Be prepared to be excellent

Most companies hire seasonal workers because they have an acute need for labour. That means they are looking for workers who are excellent at learning quickly and hold up well under pressure. Even though the position may be temporary, you should take it as an opportunity to shine – and you should communicate this in your interview. The chance to become a regular employee becomes higher when you work like a regular employee even though you know that your employment is limited. Plus, if you work well, you will have a great reference, to help you springboard into your next role!

Demonstrate your interest for the job

When the interviewer asks you if there are any questions you have about the position, try to ask a few that genuinely interest you. This makes you look like you’re keen and interested in the job. It also gives off the impression that you want to do better in the job and gives you a bigger chance to land it. Great questions to ask include “what does success look like in this position?” and “what will the biggest challenge I face in this job be?”

Looking to update your resume, and prepare for work?

Crown Institute is only one of the many excellent institutes that offer courses in New Zealand that prepares you for any job, whether it’s temporary or full-time. Talk to us if you’re interested on making your seasonal employment a permanent one or to get pointers in acing your job interview!

Look for the best job available

You must realise that seasonal jobs may become long-time opportunities. What are you looking for in a company? Look at the offers and choose the best company that suits your needs. The learning experience can be tempting or their nice combination of work and play may be what you’re looking for. This consideration may also come in handy when looking at a ready list of future employers.


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