Helping Students Succeed in Difficult Times

During difficult times such as these, we are all facing an uncertain future and many students’ and workers’ lives have been uprooted by these events and are presently unsure of how to move forward. COVID-19 has had a big impact worldwide and most schools and businesses have had to close or continue their services online from home. Although students are no longer able to attend classes in person, many institutes are making their courses and curriculum available to be completed online from home as well.

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Thankfully at the Crown Institute of Studies, we have been doing our very best to make sure our students can continue to study in Auckland without their learning being interrupted. Students are now able to continue their courses online and we are providing our students with all the essential resources and help they need in order to succeed.

What are we doing to help our students?

We are completely aware that COVID-19 has had a devastating impact on industries specialising in business, hospitality, and travel and tourism. But we also know that with time, things will improve, and that this situation will not last forever. When the time comes and there is once again a hungry need for skilled workers in these industries, our students will be prepared to take on the responsibility.

We are presently doing our utmost to ensure that our students have access to the tools and provisions they need to complete their studies. We are fully prepared to deliver classes online and are presently doing so with our current students.


What tools are available for our students?

We have made available all the essential online learning tools our students will need to effectively complete their online classes and maintain contact with us throughout the term. Online tools we have implemented include:


  • Microsoft Teams
  • WhatsApp, Skype, and other such social media.
  • Moodle
  • Zoom


Microsoft Team will be one of the main platforms we use for communicating with our students. To log in to Microsoft Team, students will be able to use their Crown emails for easy access.


Moodle and Zoom have already been used successfully, helping our current students complete their classes and not have to worry about altering their course dates.


Chromebooks for students who do not have a device of their own

We are providing Chromebooks for all students who do not have a device of their own for online learning. These Chromebooks are specifically for students to use while studying at Crown and will need to be returned at the end of the student’s studies.


How will classes continue for now?


Every morning at 9:30am, the tutors will have video meetings with the students to check in with everyone as a whole class. Attendance will still be taken online each morning because it is still very important to be present during classes, even while studying from home.


We will be continuing to have regular group meetings during the new term via video call. Students will be able to ask any questions they need and still be able to contribute to class discussions as per usual.


For the duration of the lockdown period and until we can start up our regular classes on campus, sessions will continue to be taught through online platforms.

What financial support do our students have access to?

For those who are particularly affected by the current situation and those who are not eligible to apply for Fees Free, we have established a new COVID-19 Hardship Scholarship that students can apply for. All New Zealand citizens and residents can apply for this scholarship with us and will be able to receive 100% funding of tuition fees for all our level 3, 4, and 5 programmes.


For those looking to apply for the COVID-19 Hardship Scholarship, they can apply here via our enrolment form.


How can students apply & when does term start?


Our term and courses start up on the 28th of April and the following term begins on the 2nd of June.


We are currently accepting enrolments for our travel and tourism courses as well as our hospitality and business courses. Normally, students need to come into the campus for an interview and a tour of the campus, but in the current circumstances, all interviews are happening online via Zoom, Skype, Facetime or phone call.


Keep an eye out for updates

We will continue to provide updates on our current situation so our students and prospective student can stay fully informed. We will also continue to provide as much student support as we can, so if you have any questions or need to talk to us about anything, we are more than happy to help. Please call us on 0800357316 or email us at info@crown.ac.nz.

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