5 Ways Your Brain Can Stay Fit Over the Holidays

Getting into a routine of unproductivity during the break is tempting, so here are some things you can do to keep your brain active even during the holidays!

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It’s important to take a break and allow yourself some well-deserved rest especially after a gruelling semester of studying for your courses in Auckland. But as tempting as it is to lay in bed 24/7 and binge-watch that new Netflix show, you don’t want to be doing nothing all-holiday-long. Here are five ways you can be productive and still have fun over the break to ensure you’ll be fresh and ready to get back into learning when you start school again.

Find a New Hobby or Interest

It’s the perfect time to find a new hobby. From learning how to cook to knitting, there’s something different out there for everyone. Not only would a new hobby allow you to express your creativity in a bunch of different ways, they’re also a great method for exploring what you’re good at.

An incredible means to occupy your time during the holidays, hobbies are also great for relieving stress even when you’re back in school. Furthermore, these skills can be carried throughout your life, so the next time it’s someone’s birthday you know you’ll able to gift them a beautiful, handmade scarf.

Lend a Hand

Make a difference in the world by volunteering your time. Not only does this help you become a more fulfilled person, it’ll also increase your happiness and the happiness of those on the receiving end. Volunteering is also a great way to meet people and help develop your social skills no matter which sector you choose to dedicate your time to.

In addition to bettering the lives of others, this sense of purpose can give meaning to your life and keep you mentally stimulated, meaning that both you and the persons involved can benefit greatly from this selfless act.

Educate Yourself

It’s always helpful to have a bit of general knowledge, and it certainly doesn’t hurt to know more about the way the world works. Continuous learning ensures your brain is kept stimulated and your critical thinking skills are put to the test.

Learning isn’t just limited to the classroom. Keep yourself occupied with an educational YouTube video or documentary online and you just might have some additional facts that will be useful on trivia night.

Learn a New Language

Being multilingual has been associated with plenty of added benefits such as better decision making, improved memory and an increased attention span. With helpful applications and websites such as Duolingo and Babbel, it has never been easier to pick up another language, especially if you have plans to travel somewhere new!


Travelling to new places is proven to not only help you feel better physically by keeping you and your brain active, but also emotionally by keeping stress levels low and making you happier.

Can’t afford to travel far? A new street or area close to you that you haven’t been to before works just as well too. Get your walking shoes on as you prepare to make the trek to better physical and mental health!

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