5 Skills You Learn (And Keep) While Working Hospitality

Hospitality teaches us many things, including important skills that we keep throughout our lifetime. Read on to find out what they are!

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Hospitality courses are meant to prepare you for the demands of the industry, but having the actual experience of working will teach you many things – how to adapt to change, how to handle the needs of the customer, how to effectively communicate, and more. The world of hospitality is both vast and challenging, but it’s nothing to be scared of. The industry offers a lot of opportunities for you to explore your skills, and learn new ones; whether you’re interested in cooking, planning, hosting, or bartending, you’ll learn and acquire essential life skills that you can apply everywhere, even outside work!

Communication skills

Hospitality work will require a lot of communication between customers, staff, co-workers, and management to get tasks done effectively. In such a fast-paced environment, everything needs to run smoothly and according to schedule. To ensure this, effective communication must be executed, but don’t worry, you’ll learn how to cope under pressure, and eventually be able to communicate with different kinds of people from different backgrounds time and time again.


Problem-solving skills

When you work in the hospitality industry, you become a situational problem-solver. That’s great news, because problem-solving is a universal skill that applies to any job, any industry, or life situation.

As you work, you learn the proper process of handling various challenges, and become better at effectively finding solutions that fit a certain situation. You will learn how to acknowledge the problem, how to listen, how to take responsibility, how to settle on a solution, and how to follow up. Remember that a happy guest or customer who enjoyed their stay has more chances of coming back to your restaurant, hotel, bar, etc. How you deal with the challenges in the workplace will ultimately become a determining factor in how successful you are in your working life.



Once you get into the hospitality industry, you should expect that your work will involve facing and talking to a lot of people. The job involves turning on the charm, getting along with managers, and using your self-confidence to ensure that guests are entertained and having a good time. A healthy amount of self-confidence is a skill that you can apply in all spheres of life, more specifically to your own social life. Once you’ve tapped it, nothing can stop you.



Almost every job in hospitality will teach you a thing or two about resilience. In a typical day, you may be handed a lot of different challenges that will certainly require you to step outside your comfort zone. This may be in the form of juggling several tasks while remaining personable and organized, or it can be handling hundreds of customers and other responsibilities simultaneously. This is where you’ll learn how to become resilient. In the face of work-related difficulties and unexpected situations, you will learn that knowing how to adapt is the key to being resilient. When you know how to adapt, you also become a versatile worker, and this will make you invaluable to your employers.



Learning to be a team player at work will enable you to prosper in any group setting outside your work. When you’re able to support other team members, you can work together harmoniously. When you know how to work with a team, it means you know how to understand other people, respect differences, and pull each other up to achieve a common goal.


Ace Your Work, and Your Life!

Crown Institute of Studies has some of the best hospitality courses New Zealand provides. The hospitality industry will teach you numerous skills that will allow you to thrive and prosper not just in work, but also in life. When you learn with us, we can help you prepare for the next big opportunity in the hospitality industry.

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