Scholarship & Educational Trips



Regular Educational Trips & Site Visits

In addition to quality classes and seminars, Crown students have the opportunity to go on many educational trips and site visits while studying with us. These trips are designed to enrich students’ learning experience, it allows them to acquire knowledge in a real world setting. Students get the opportunity to see how theory is put into practice and gain a deeper understanding on topics such as business operations, crisis management, facility management…etc.  

Some of the places we visit include:

  • Hotels  
  • local Businesses 
  • Travel & Tourism Operators
  • Events & Expos


  • Hobbiton 
  • Rotorua 
  • Coromandel 
  • Tauranga

Annual Scholarship Educational Trip

Each year, we arrange a 4 to 5-day scholarship educational trip for our students nominated by their high schools or high achievers while studying at Crown. The destination of the trip is either domestic or overseas. The trip is sponsored and supported by many of our local and international partners. 

It is an intensive trip filled with seminars, site visits and activities. Students will get the opportunity to meet with leaders from various industries; government officials, senior executives from multinational corporates, business owners, representatives from NGOs and many more. Through these encounters, students will gain deeper understandings on topics such as corporate culture, international collaboration, market development, global trends, leadership, crisis management…etc. 

Cities we visited:

  • 2019: Gold Coast 
  • 2020: Queenstown 

Partners Include

Hang Seng University homepage
Ramada by Wyndham Homepage

Sponsors Include

Student feedback

Charlene Pennell, New Zealand Certificate in Travel (Level 4)

“What I have learnt about this Queenstown trip is the tourism industry will always bounce back. Not all at once but slowly and surely. Overall it was a great experience with good activities and seminars”

Nicolette Winiata, New Zealand Diploma in Hospitality Management (Level 5)

“I found the trip to be very educational. I have been reassured through all the talks and plans that we’ve been told about. That the industry will come back in one way or another. It was nice to see how beautiful New Zealand is, and experience it in a way that not so many others do. Also all the options in the industry that you have right now and in the future in our own country was very cool, and how they were giving tips on how to get jobs or internships. 

Paige Vaipa, New Zealand Diploma in Tourism & Travel (Level 5)

“The trip to Queenstown was an amazing experience overall! Not only was the place beautiful and the activities were so much fun but what I learnt from the guest speakers was useful. In my personal opinion, these speakers added on to my own belief that tourism really never dies! I always knew that tourism was going to bounce back but hearing it from professionals in the tourism industry was a reassurance that I never knew that I needed. I also learnt that there are people (particularly parents) that believe working in tourism is not a “real job” which i found very strange. I also learnt that there are so many different jobs in the tourism industry and that no matter what, there is always a job in tourism that covers different sectors like marketing, sales and the front of house jobs too. Overall, this trip not only reminded me of why I want to work in tourism but also reminded me that a pandemic is not going to stop the tourism industry from producing more jobs

Amia Maipi-Tukere, New Zealand Diploma in Tourism & Travel (Level 5)

“I learned a lot about how Queenstown adapted around Covid-19 restrictions for domestic tourism to keep continuing and how a lot of places lowered their prices to help keep their company running. It gave me an understanding of how tourism can adapt to any situation and still be able to run smoothly. 

I learned that even though Covid has put restrictions on the tourism industry, it won’t be dying down any time soon and I’ll always have opportunities to be a part of a company or attraction”