Online Live English Lesson

These are real-time live “taster” lessons delivered by our native English speaking tutors. Class sizes are kept small so that it can be interactive, where students will have plenty of opportunities to ask tutor questions and communicate with other classmates. Students of these taster lessons will also get access to the contents of our “Online vocational modules” for free.

LENGTH: 2 weeks (Minimum)

15 Hours per week
(9 hours live lessons + 6 hours Directed Self-learning)


1 Mar 2021 - 12 Mar 2021

6 Apr 2021 - 16 Apr 2021

3 May 2021 - 14 May 2021


27 Dec 2021 - 7 Feb 2022


Lessons are designed to teach students about the New Zealand culture as well as to improve students’ English (reading, speaking, listening and writing skills). For group enrolments (minimum 3 students of similar English level), we can deliver customised contents that suit their needs.

  1. History of Flying 
  2. Why Fly? 
  3. Personal Presentation 
  4. The Flying Principle 
  5. Teamwork 
  6. Life of A Flight Attendant 
  7. Emergency Procedures 
  8. Customer Service 
  9. Special Practical Module 

The Lessons cover the following topics:



Reading Skills

New Zealand Culture

Speaking Skills

Listening Skills

Writing Skills

Customised Contents

Online vocational lessons

Flight Attendant Online lessons

These Online Flight Attendant lessons are designed for students who are interested in improving their English ability and gaining knowledge in the aviation industry! Lessons include interactive contents such as videos, readings, quizzes, games, and other fun activities! One of the great benefits of online learning is that it can be done anytime and anywhere!  

Barista online Lessons

These online lessons are designed to teach you the basic theory of making coffee, so when you get to a machine, you will know what to do. You will still need to practice! These lessons will teach you new vocabulary, how to make coffees and how to understand what the customer wants when they order a coffee.

Coming soon


Registration: NZ$50 

Tuition: NZ$200 (Per week)

Bank Charges Apply*


Terms & Conditions and Refund Policy: 

– If the duration of your lesson is of three months or more and the withdrawal occurs up to the end of the tenth working day after the first day on which Crown requires you to attend the online lessons, you will be entitled to receive a full refund less a deduction for costs incurred by Crown, up to 10% of tuition fees for the cancelled weeks.  

– If the duration of the lessons is of five weeks or more but less than three months and the withdrawal occurs up to the end of the fifth day after the start of the first scheduled lesson, you will be entitled to receive a full refund less a deduction for costs incurred by Crown, up to a maximum of 25%. 

– If the duration of your lesson is shorter than 5 weeks, you may withdraw up until the end of the second day and receive a refund of 50% of any amount paid. However, if two days constitutes the full amount of tuition paid for by the student, the PTE may retain 100 per cent of the payment.

– You will have access to our Online Vocational Lessons for the full period of your enrolment.

– The registration fee is non-refundable

*If payment is conducted via telegraphic transfer through banks, additional bank charges apply. Bank charges vary depending on the bank you use. Crown will need to receive the full amount as stated above.