Top Five Reasons to Study the New Zealand Diploma Business with Crown!

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Don't just study anywhere to get your Business Diploma – come to Crown and achieve your Diploma in only 72 weeks of study!
Need more convincing? Here are the top five reasons to study the New Zealand Diploma Business with Crown:
1)-Stepping-stone into a Business Degree  
Study the New Zealand Diploma in Business at Crown and, with the right marks, step into a degree at your chosen university! Study as little as one phase of the diploma programme, and if you have the right grades, you may be able to gain entrance to a degree programme! Complete the diploma and you can gain up to one year of credit from a university business degree. (Entry requirements vary between universities).
2)-Extra tutorials with tutors on a weekly basis 
It is important to us that our students feel they are being attended to and they can get extra help if needed. We have extra sessions with tutors for students who need that little bit more time one-on-one and tutoring.
3)-Industry experienced tutors
All of our tutors have field experience; in fact some of them continue working in the industry and they can’t wait to share their experiences and knowledge with you!
4)-Small, engaging classes – get more out of your learning time!
 Our business tutorials are conducted in a relaxed classroom-style environment.  This ensures students feel comfortable to ask questions and encourages more interaction between tutor and student.
5)-Work part-time while you study! 
It's difficult to get work out in the business industry without any work experience.  Our Study and Work course is free of charge and you are guaranteed paid employment.  Click here for more details.
If these five reasons aren't reason enough for you, then let's add another one and let’s see what our graduates have to say!

“I wanted to do a Business course but didn't want to commit to a three-year degree straight away in case I found myself wanting to change direction in my studies. Crown has a good reputation and the central location was great. All the staff members were approachable, knowledgeable and helpful and the student services were great too!”

Tayla Perez

“I chose Crown because it seemed like a great place; energetic staff, short course durations, affordable, and the perfect location and atmosphere”

                  Kimberley Benz

Next Intake 29 March 2016.


Call us on 0800 357 316 or click HERE to complete an enrolment form and find out how we can kick-start your career now.

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How Crown is Different to Other Schools

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