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Introducing our 2013 Crown Representatives

At Crown Institute of Studies, we believe that our students’ views should be heard.

The Student Representatives’ Team was created to strengthen the Crown Community. The reps are the voice of the Crown students; they liaise with students about various issues and organise events and activities. The Student Representatives’ Team plays an integral part in building the Crown Community.
Meet our reps for Term 1, 2013!

Ashleigh Taylor
I decided to become a Student Representative to help improve my leadership skills. I’m not a shy person so feel free to ask me anything; I am always willing to help others.
Nikki Moore
I joined the Student Representatives’ Team because I think it is an awesome opportunity to learn new things, meet new people and gain skills, which I can take to future job roles.
Mia Noora
I’m proud to say I’m a Pacific Islander, from the Cook Islands! The reason I signed up for the Student Representatives’ Team is to gain more experience and to meet new people.
 Jo Miller

I came to Crown as it’s a warm, friendly, inviting place to study. I wanted to be a Student Rep as I am creative and love to go the extra mile.

Loisi Latu
I became a Student Representative because I want to gain more confidence and meet new people!
Shreta Chand
I chose to become one of the Student Reps so I can help other students and will certainly do my best to help you!
Mariah Swatton
I became a Student Representative because I believe everybody has a voice and deserves to be heard. I also have community spirit and I’m interested in helping others.
 Sia Mamea
I wanted to become a Student Rep so that I can expand and develop my leadership skills. I look forward to getting to know the other Student Reps as well as getting to know more of the students here at Crown.