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Fun-filled term of activities, fundraisers and events!

Bungy jumping from the Auckland Harbour Bridge, visiting the tallest tower in the southern hemisphere and kayaking in the Bay of Islands are just a few of the exciting things Crown students got up to in term one!

It’s been a fun-filled term with Crown students participating in a variety of activities, fundraisers and events.

The most recent fundraiser was an Anzac Day bake sale that raised $156 for the RSA.

There are weekly activities, like bowling or sailing, along with various class trips!

At Crown, we believe in hands-on learning. Our tutors are always looking for places where students can go and learn about many industries, especially travel and hospitality enterprises.

Recently students visited SkyCity and the Sky Tower and climbed the Auckland Harbour Bridge, where they learned how tour groups are taken around. Some were also brave enough to jump off!

There was a visit to the Bay of Islands for a couple of days and there’s a trip to Fiji in August!

It’s been a great term indeed and we are looking forward to providing many more opportunities to our students in coming months.

Anzac Day Bakesale Bungy 1
Bungy 2 Bungy 3
Bungy 4 Museum
Sky Tower 1 St Patricks Day
St Patricks 3 St Patricks 2


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100% pass rate in latest IATA/UFTAA Foundation and EBT course exams!

Crown Institute of Studies students have had some outstanding results in the latest IATA/UFTAA Foundation and EBT course exams, with a 100% pass rate and 80% of students passing with a distinction grade.

Now these students have an internationally recognised IATA/UFTAA Diploma, which could take them into travel and tourism jobs all over the world!

“Once again, Crown students have achieved amazing results. 80% achieved not only passes but passes with Distinction!  It shows the experience and dedication of our outstanding teaching team and the motivation of our students. This is a great internationally recognised qualification that the students can take anywhere in the world and use throughout the travel and tourism industry” says Leanne Annabel, Head of the Hospitality, Travel and Tourism School.

Students gain a range of knowledge in the IATA course including customer service and sales skills, domestic and international airfares and ticketing, marketing and selling travel and much more.

Crown Institute of Studies is an IATA Authorised Training Centre; the IATA course is a very popular programme. We now offer twelve intake dates during 2013 with four exam dates.

Crown Institute’s IATA course is managed by the IATA Training and Development Institute (ITDI). ITDI is the training arm of IATA – an international trade body that represents some 240 airlines.

For more information about Crown Institute's travel and tourism courses please click HERE.

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2013 New Caledonia Scholarship Winner – Cracencia Josephmary

Second year Crown Institute student Cracencia Josephmary is this year’s New Caledonia Tourism Scholarship winner. 
After last year completing a Certificate Course which included Tourism Core Skills and Travel Level 3 & 4 National Certificates, Cracencia is working towards her Level 5 Tourism Management Diploma. Winning this scholarship and having the opportunity to work with Simon Duffy and his team at New Caledonia Tourism will give her an inside into the Tourism industry at ground level and will equip her with the skills she needs to develop in achieving her ultimate goal of working as a Customer Service Agent.
Head of School Travel, Tourism, Hospitality and Business at Crown Institute of Studies, Leanne Annabell is delighted at the high calibre of students applying for the scholarship. “I am so happy for  Cracencia she is a very deserving student,  but it is also really hard to see those who miss out. It is an enormous opportunity for them to be involved in a National Tourism office like New Caledonia and to have some of their tertiary fees subsidised is huge for them and their families” said Leanne Annabell. 
Cracencia was chosen from a group of eight of her classmates and is the fifth recipient of this inaugural scholarship.
“It is always good to be able to put something back into the industry and to be able to work closely with a significant industry partner like Crown Institute of Studies” says General Manager Simon Duffy. “These young people are the tour operators, travel agents, customer service staff, hotel managers and potential NTO General Managers of the future so it is important that they are well nurtured by the industry during their studies. Cracencia is enthusiastic and passionate and we look forward to having her with us this year”.
Cracencia will work closely with New Caledonia Tourism attending various trade events, industry shows and be based in the offices in Parnell one day a week.

For more information about Crown Institute's travel and tourism courses please click HERE.

Click HERE to view more information about New Caledonia Tourism.

Ciya and Simon

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How we help pave our students way to success!

It’s always fantastic for us to hear about our graduates’ successes! Check out what a couple of our graduates have to say about Crown and how we helped them pave their way to success.

Nikita Gillard – Sales Consultant

I absolutely love Crown! They have taught me so much about what I do in my current job. The role-plays are what helped me the most.

The Crown Certificate in International Travel, Tourism and Airline Studies is a course I would highly recommend. I have learnt some amazing skills from my experience at Crown. I have made lifelong friends that I still contact even a year after finishing my course.
I have friends who attended two other travel colleges and they felt let down by their experience and felt like it was a waste of money. I have never felt that about Crown.

The tutors are awesome, friendly, helpful and very knowledgeable in what they teach. I 100% recommend this course to anyone who wants to study Travel and Tourism.

Zaynah Begum – Food and Beverage Attendant, Sky City Convention Centre

Thanks to Crown, I have managed to excel in my role as a Food and Beverage Attendant at Sky City Convention Centre! Crown taught me everything I ever needed to know about the hospitality industry!

I would recommend that anyone who wants to gain knowledge about hospitality or is interested to learn about the dynamics of food and beverage to join Crown!


Would you like to work in the Travel or Hospitality industries, like our graduates? Then contact us! Call us on 0800 357 316 or complete our enrolment form by clicking HERE. Take action now! Get the necessary skills and qualifications and get on track to a brighter future.

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Top five reasons to choose Crown to study the New Zealand Diploma Business!

Don't study for two years to get your Business Diploma like you would at most institutes! Come to Crown and achieve your Diploma in only 56 weeks of study!

Need more convincing? Here are the top five reasons to choose Crown to study the New Zealand Diploma Business!


1) Small, engaging classes – get more out of your learning time!


Our business tutorials are conducted in a relaxed classroom-style environment.   This ensures students feel comfortable to ask questions and encourages more interaction between tutor and student.


2) Extra tutorials with tutors on a weekly basis


It is important to us that our students feel they are being attended to and they can get extra help if needed.  We have extra sessions with tutors for students who need that little bit of extra time and one-on-one tutoring.


3) Get qualified quicker – gain a Diploma in just 56 weeks!


At most institutions, the New Zealand Diploma in Business takes up to two years to complete.  Gain your qualification in under two years and enter the workforce sooner.


4) Stepping-stone into a Business Degree


Study the NZDipBus at Crown and, with the right marks, step into a degree at your chosen university!  Study as little as one phase of the diploma programme, and if you have the right grades, you may be able to gain entrance to a degree programme! Complete the diploma and you can gain up to one year of credit from a university business degree. (Entry requirements vary between universities).


5) Work part-time while you study!


It's difficult to get work out in the business industry without any work experience.  Our timetable allows you to work while you study!


If these five reasons aren't reason enough for you, then let's add another one! As well as gaining the New Zealand Diploma in Business (Level Six) you can also be awarded the New Zealand Institute in Management Diploma in Management in only 56 weeks! Get 2 diplomas in less than two years!

Call our free phone number, 0800 357 316, today and find out how we can kick-start your career now.

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Crown travel and hospitality students opportunity to visit Fiji!

Crown Institute recognises the importance of learning outside of the classroom and as part of the program of field trips and guest speakers; we offer the opportunity for students to take part in an optional educational experience overseas.

The trip is offered to students studying Travel, Tourism, Hotel and Hospitality courses at Crown Institute.  This year students will be travelling to Viti Levu Island, Fiji for six days in August. The trip will be arranged through STA travel. Flights are with Air Pacific and the destination transport and activities are with Feejee Experience.

Students hoping to work in the hotel, travel and tourism industry will benefit from an exciting tourism and travel experience. Most industry organisations require their staff to have knowledge of overseas operations and the South West Pacific is a top destination for New Zealand travellers. So, where better to gain experience and develop knowledge than at the destination itself.  Students will have the opportunity to develop their industry knowledge first hand, by experiencing a range of transport, accommodation, attractions and activities overseas and gain valuable skills working with others, researching destinations and selling.  They will enjoy the chance to experience different sights, cultures and activities to build their confidence and knowledge of the exciting hospitality, travel and tourism industry.

Places are still available on Crown Institutes Travel, Tourism, Hotel and Hospitality courses starting 25 March 2013.  Click HERE to complete an enrolment form or freephone the recruitment team on 0800 357 316.

Video below of the 2012 trip to Fiji.

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4 quick tips to correctly lodge your Studylink application!

Don’t wait on the phone for an hour trying to get through to Studylink to sort out your loan! Here are some tips on how to make sure you correctly lodge your application the first time and make the process a lot smoother.
The best way to apply for your loan is online. Go to
1. Before you apply for your loan online, ensure you have all the necessary information ready. You will need your IRD number, bank account number and your course details to enter into the application form.
2. After you have applied online for your loan, Studylink will send you a contract for you to sign and will request more information. The three most important documents required are listed below.
Note: It is important to send the loan contract with the supporting documents. This will ensure that all your documents are processed at the same time. 
3. There are three documents which Studylink needs to sight before your loan can be processed. Make sure you have these documents before you apply for your loan. The three documents are:
  • Evidence of you New Zealand residency: your New Zealand Passport OR your New Zealand Birth Certificate OR your passport with your permanent resident visa.  IMPORTANT: You need to have had your permanent residency in New Zealand for at least two years before you can qualify for a student loan.
  • Evidence of your bank account number: a bank statement.
  • Evidence of your IRD number: an IRD card or letter from the IRD with your number on it. If you do not have any form of evidence for your IRD number, you will need to request a letter from the IRD, which can take ten days to post.
4. Before you send photocopies of these documents to Studylink, ensure they are verified. DO NOT SEND ORIGINALS.
Note: ‘Verified’ means your original document has been sighted and the copy has been sworn to be a true copy of the original by either a Justice of the Peace or from the education provider you are going to study with. So, you can bring your documents to the staff on the 1st floor of the Crown building to be verified.
If you take into account all the above information, your loan will be processed promptly. For more information, go to the Studylink website:
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Introducing our 2013 Crown Representatives

At Crown Institute of Studies, we believe that our students’ views should be heard.

The Student Representatives’ Team was created to strengthen the Crown Community. The reps are the voice of the Crown students; they liaise with students about various issues and organise events and activities. The Student Representatives’ Team plays an integral part in building the Crown Community.
Meet our reps for Term 1, 2013!

Ashleigh Taylor
I decided to become a Student Representative to help improve my leadership skills. I’m not a shy person so feel free to ask me anything; I am always willing to help others.
Nikki Moore
I joined the Student Representatives’ Team because I think it is an awesome opportunity to learn new things, meet new people and gain skills, which I can take to future job roles.
Mia Noora
I’m proud to say I’m a Pacific Islander, from the Cook Islands! The reason I signed up for the Student Representatives’ Team is to gain more experience and to meet new people.
 Jo Miller

I came to Crown as it’s a warm, friendly, inviting place to study. I wanted to be a Student Rep as I am creative and love to go the extra mile.

Loisi Latu
I became a Student Representative because I want to gain more confidence and meet new people!
Shreta Chand
I chose to become one of the Student Reps so I can help other students and will certainly do my best to help you!
Mariah Swatton
I became a Student Representative because I believe everybody has a voice and deserves to be heard. I also have community spirit and I’m interested in helping others.
 Sia Mamea
I wanted to become a Student Rep so that I can expand and develop my leadership skills. I look forward to getting to know the other Student Reps as well as getting to know more of the students here at Crown.

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Crown Students Running Their Own Café!

Crown students and staff no longer need to venture out of the campus to find scrumptious muffins, coffee and lunches!

Crown students have just opened up their own café on campus! The Kiwi Café opens from 8:00 am until 2:00 pm each weekday. It’s been a huge hit since it opened on the sixth floor of the Crown building on 11 February 2013.

The food is made fresh every day and is very tasty indeed. From delicious wraps, pizzas and sushi, to cakes and muffins, there is a wide variety of food to suit everyone’s tastes.

At Crown, we are continually trying to find opportunities for our students to gain valuable work experience. Crown hospitality students are helping run the café and the skills they are learning are going towards completing their unit standards.

The Kiwi Café was one of the school’s initiatives for students to learn how to operate their own café and to be trained in running a business. A qualified manager, Kimberley Benz, a recent graduate of Crown, supervises the café.

The skills the students will acquire from this experience will be invaluable. At Crown, we find that graduates who have relevant work experience in the industry step into the workforce much faster than those without it.