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Are You Made for Business?

With great power comes great responsibility and business management is no exception. If you are after a career that will test you and shape your future, look no further than business management.

Read to learn more about a career that can open many doors for your future.


Where to Start

If you have an interest in business or management roles, education is a must. Business qualifications can be the key to your entry level position, your promotion or your change in career.

At Crown Institute of Studies, we help students in New Zealand to achieve their business dreams. We prepare students for working life through hands-on experience, first-class teaching environments, and the chance to cross-credit your business diploma. Studying at Crown could fast-track your business qualifications at Massey University or other leading business schools.

Be Challenged. Be Rewarded.

A career in business management will be a challenging one. It will require a lot of hard work and dedication to forge your career. Throughout your day, you will be encountering all types of work, from meetings to phone calls, writing reports to dealing with employees. To get the most out of yourself and your workers, you need to promote balance.

The challenge is to get the right person onto the right tasks, even if that means you take on these tasks yourself. Management is not easy, but if you can hold yourself in good stead and are willing to work hard, the possibilities are endless.


Lead from the Front

Do you have a strong voice that inspires others to do better? Do you enter a room and have everyone take notice right away? Good managers are those who are not afraid to tell it as it is. If you see an issue in the office, you resolve it right away. If you have something to say, you ensure your voice is heard.

If you already have these qualities, you might find it easier to step into business management. Fortunately, you can also develop these skills through on-the-job experience and formal education.


In the business world, you aren’t always going to get the result that you want. Sometimes this will be almost entirely out of your control but often you will have to take responsibility anyway.

When working with internal teams, make sure that all team members are accountable for their mistakes as well as their victories. When working with external stakeholders, understand that you will sometimes have to take the blame. It may not be ideal, but management is not for the faint-hearted.


Good management starts with great communication, no matter what sort of position you hold. Every day, you will be dealing with internal and external stakeholders. You might have to send a message that makes a deal, explains an error or ensures that the right work gets done. This starts with strong eye contact and confident body language. These non-verbal cues are just as important as vocal communication.

Business management is a career that can take you to exciting new places, not only work-wise but all around the world. The best managers are those who are well educated and hard working. If you are excited by the prospect of business management, contact Crown Institute and enquire about our business courses. Either call us on 0800 357 316 or email us at