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What it Takes to Become a High Performing, Bean Smashing Barista with a Competitive Edge

Dear future Barista

If you want to work in the industry as a high flying, in demand superstar, you need to read this.

The Barista lifestyle is not for the faint hearted but if you have the drive to impress your peers with 8 different ways to extract coffee, you might have what it takes…

What’s the secret Rob?

Thanks for asking coffee cadet, there’s no secret, just a pure passion for mastering the art of grind and tamping and the delicateness of the swish and swirl.

Skills Needed!

Working as a barista and producing the perfect coffee takes time and requires the skill of a dedicated well-seasoned barista. Coffee shop owners require a multitasker of milk juggling and coffee tamping, a mixology master of mixing.

You need a knowledge of beans and a basic understanding of how heat changes the dynamics of extraction and no you don’t need a degree in chemistry just an appetite to learn the subtleness of how your environment can affect the taste of the coffee.

Still with me!

Good, I needed to get that down before we went any further. Not everyone can cut it as Barista, it takes certain training and a way of living to move through the ranks.

But fear not!

You can learn this, there is a process, a step by step system on how to do all of the above. It’s just like anything new you learn, it takes persistence and dedication, some mana, faith and belief in your abilities, plus a tutor that can push you.

Crown’s ability to produce high performing, bean smashing Baristas gives our grads a competitive edge when it comes to finding work.

Our course is only open to the public four times a year, so you need to book yourself in for an interview today


Book your interview today.

Rob McLeay

Marketing Manager