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Hotel Management Is Fun But Is it For You?

There is a saying that goes ‘If you do what you love, you’ll never work a day in your life.’

Truer words have never been spoken for non 9 to 5 careers.

Does the idea of becoming GM of a global hotel chain excite you?

If so, your journey starts here. The harder you work, the luckier you get, which is why you’re here to discover if a career as a hotel general manager (GM) could be for you.


Embrace the Challenge and Be Rewarded

In today’s fast-paced world, the notion of a 9-5 job is dead.

In fact, people are working more to create the lifestyle they crave, and for work to smoothly integrate with life.

No two days are ever the same as a hotel general manager, but that’s what makes the job so much fun.

One day you could be greeting guests in the hotel lobby and the next you are giving the world’s biggest stars a tour of your hotel. It’s just one of the perks of working in the hospitality industry.

A Leader of Multiple Teams

Working as a hotel manager requires excellent leadership and communication skills.

A hotel GM is a people person, leading a roster of staff, communicating with other hotel managers and getting face to face with visitors and VIPs. Communication skills will be essential in your daily work schedule.

Hotel management is also all about efficiency. This means you get to set the agenda and make sure everything is in place.

This can be an incredibly worthwhile experience but it also involves a lot of hard work – be prepared for that phone to start ringing at the end of the day.

Love What You Do

A hotel GM, above all else, must love what they do. Waking up each morning and walking into your hotel is what drives you.

A hotel manager is more than a job title; it is a passion for your work and people which requires boundless enthusiasm, even when you are not feeling 100%.

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