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What It Takes To Be the Ultimate Mixologist

Speed, knowledge, creativity and a sense of humour. Do you have all this and more to be ultimate mixologist?

To be a mixologist is not just to be a bartender. Mixologists relish the opportunity to spend 15 creative minutes making a drink while looking dapper and very professional. They sling egg whites and light orange peels on fire all for the sake of creating a cocktail that opens your nose and enlightens your conversation. If you want to possess the knowledge and quick wit and hand gestures that are nearly imperceptible, here are some of the skills you must possess.


Have the Knowledge to Back it Up

Aside from an RSA, you might want to think about getting a certificate in hospitality and a certificate in mixology so that you can learn everything you need to know about beer, wine and even the most obscure of spirits. You should know how to make all kinds of martinis and what the difference between Scotch and Rye is.

Mixology is an art. It is a refined and in-depth study of the craft of mixing drinks. It’s almost like chemistry, except your experiments should be boozy and delicious.


Creative Tastes

The difference between a bartender and a mixologist is the ability to create. Bartenders just follow the book, making the standard cocktail with the standard recipe. A mixologist knows how to create a cocktail menu from scratch, using selected spirits and mixers in a creative way that will entertain and delight your guests.


Sophisticated Movements

People love to watch a bartender work. A mixologist creating a cocktail is practically a circus act, entertainment for the guests. You need to shake your glasses with gusto, pour liquor from the bottle with a flourish and garnish with flare.


Use Some Great Lingo

From coming up with catchy names for your cocktail inventions to sounding like an absolute pro, you want to impress your guests. Use some funky lingo to explain something that is actually fairly simple. Be the cocktail aficionado. After all, this is a career choice, not a side job.


Good Sense of Style

Because people love to watch the mixologist work, you are in many ways an entertainer. You should have a good sense of style and be able to pull off looking snazzy and dapper. Bow-tie, vintage spectacles, monocle, fedora, smoking jacket, long beard or handlebar moustache. You want to look the part.


Building a Rapport

Mixologists often make money off of tips. Now, that’s not the only reason to be able to build a good rapport with your customers, but it’s a good one. Your job skills should include excellent customer service. You should have a personality that makes customers want to keep coming back. That means not getting a big ego with your role as the alcohol server. You need to be very attentive and make sure your customer is in love with the drink you lovingly made them. A good mixologist always comes with a solid clientele.


To be a great mixologist, you need to understand the hospitality industry. Learn more about study at the Crown Institute in Auckland. Call us today on 0800 357 316 or find out how to apply here.