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Study While You Work – How to Get the Edge in Your Industry


Fast-paced, exciting, and the potential for anything! This is the best way to industries like tourism, travel, hospitality and business.

You could be the strategic mind behind the scenes of a hotel, travel agency or tour operator. You may even have the entrepreneurial skills to start your own restaurant, café, bar, hotel or tourism business in New York, London or any corner of the globe.

The right qualifications are a great start but what is it really like to work in these industries? If you want to have genuine experiences and kick-start your career, then look no further than a course The Crown Institute of Studies, Auckland with our Study and Work program.

Your Gateway to the World

The Study and Work program has been specifically designed with the help of employers, recruitment agents, school teachers and career counsellors. Said simply, this program will kick open the door to your new career.

The offered Study and Work program is included in your chosen travel, tourism, hospitality or business Certificate or Diploma. During your studies, you will be given work experience opportunities where you will learn the skills needed by companies who could potentially hire you after you graduate. You will gain priceless work experience and earn money during your course.

This gives you an opportunity to develop your strengths and lets you graduate with industry contacts and a CV that’s already glowing!

What’s included?

The Study and Work program is set up to provide you with maximum success. Instead of taking a leap of faith into your career in travel, tourism, hospitality or business, you will be bounding confidently into a role that suits you best.

Crown sets you up for this success by providing:

  • Free professional training in employment skills and customer service for your industry
  • Guaranteed paid work experience opportunities
  • Free personal hair styling and makeup training from a reputable professional grooming school
  • Free 1-1 CV preparation, career advice and interview skills with Crown’s employment team

An Experience like No Other

No-one gets the practical experience they need by sitting in a classroom all day. Direct work experience gives you an idea of what to expect out in the real world and is crucial to your ongoing career success. Our Study and Work Program is about more than learning the ropes though, it will provide you with lifelong friends, memories and connections.

All of these memories, experiences and invaluable skills are free of charge when you start your course!

Don’t just be a worker, be a leader. In business, hospitality, travel and tourism, the power is in your hands. Make an enquiry about the Study and Work Program or take the leap and enrol in an eligible course today. To discuss this exciting opportunity with an expert, call Crown Institute on 0800 632 752 today!