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Employment Opportunities in Hospitality


The World Travel Organisation predicts that the hospitality industry will triple in size by the year 2020. This means that it’s becoming one of the largest industries in the world, providing a vast array of employment opportunities for those with the right qualifications.

Every country in the world has a hospitality industry, and the skills you learn here are readily transferable, meaning that a career in hospitality can very easily be the key to discovering new countries, new cultures and new people.

Diverse and Exciting Jobs

Hospitality is so broad that it allows each person to follow their passion within the industry. A career in the hospitality industry includes opportunities in diverse and exciting areas including:
            • Events – sporting, music, multicultural events, etc.
            • Conferences – business, law, medical, other, etc.
            • Catering – weddings, hotels, corporate, etc.
            • Restaurants – from cafe to fine dining
            • Resorts
            • Airlines and cruise lines
            • And many more service-related industries

Top Hospitality Careers

Hotels are always in need of additional staff, and are always looking for people who will take care of grounds maintenance, housekeeping, and other aspects of accommodation. You can also apply for managerial positions if you have the National Diploma in Hospitality Management, a course offered at Crown. You can also apply as a service crew in casinos, restaurants and cruise ships.
Exciting job opportunities await you in this dynamic, local and international industry. So what are you waiting for? Request an enrollment pack today.