Auckland is a clean, spacious city of around one million people, located between two natural harbours. There are beautiful parks, beaches, bush walks and islands. There is also an exciting city life, with restaurants, shops and entertainment. Auckland is considered to be one of the world’s nicest places to live. 

Auckland has a mild climate, with four seasons and no snow. Spring (Sep to Nov) is 10-22° C; Summer (Dec to Feb) is 14-26° C; Autumn (Mar to May) is 12-24° C; and Winter (Jun to Aug) is 7-16° C. Rain can fall at any time of year. 

Crown is a friendly school and our staff are very kind and caring. We take a personal interest in you – we want you to be happy and we want you to enjoy your stay in New Zealand. Crown is one of the largest and most reputable schools in New Zealand. Crown has about 100-200 students. For over forty years we have trained thousands of students from many countries. 

Yes, we understand the importance of real world experiences, thus we offer unique short and long term programmes that includes both study and internship components. If you have Intermediate level English, it is easy to extend or transfer from your English studies to take these courses. You can meet New Zealand students at Crown as most of our vocational students are New Zealanders. Some of our courses lead directly on to university. With good grades at Crown, you can earn a degree in less time. 

Crown is located on five levels of a modern building at 80 Anzac Avenue. It’s just a few minutes walk from the city centre, with transportation, exciting cafes, shops, movie theatres and entertainment. 

Crown’s teachers are all qualified professionals, and they are also kind and friendly. They come from New Zealand, as well as from some other English-speaking countries. 

As well as many spacious classrooms, Crown offers free WiFi and email and has many modern training facilities such as the mock hotel room, aircraft cabin, bar and kitchen area. 

Crown is renowned for its small class size, an average of 15 – 20 students per class. This allows tutors to assist each students individually. 

Yes. Many institutions offer credits for our qualifications. With your Diploma, you will often be able to save time for your university degree. Please ask us for further details. We can refer you to degree-level study at Auckland University of Technology, Massey University, the University of Auckland and other tertiary institutions.