Mandatory vaccination requirements under RED traffic light
Government requirements, under red traffic light system, demand all staff, students and visitors (including volunteers and contractors) must be vaccinated. You will need to show My Vaccine Pass otherwise, we are sorry to say, you cannot come on campus.

Tourism & Travel

Want to travel the world and meet new people? Learn of all the inside knowledge on destinations, activities and where to get the best deals so that your client has an amazing experience!


Hospitality is all about people. At Crown we focus not only on your knowledge, but also the practical skills you will need, including barista, bar and event management.


Want to start a business? Crown Business courses will show you how to identify business opportunities and come up with a plan to make your dreams a reality!


Digital information is at the core of every business. Crown’s computing courses give you transferrable skills that are highly valued by employers and give you the confidence to solve problems using a range of digital tools.

Health & Wellbeing

Do you have a passion for taking care of others? Through our health & wellbeing programs, you will acquire the knowledge and skills that are essential to support the health and wellbeing of those in need.

Gateway & Star Courses

We offer short courses for secondary school students interested in Travel and Tourism, Hospitality and Business. Both during the school holidays and term time. Have a look and see what is right for you!

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Students & Graduates Testimonials

Students & Graduates Testimonials

Students & Graduates Testimonials

Students & Graduates Testimonials

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