Last Update: 13 September 2022

From today onwards you will only need to self-isolate if you test COVID-positive.  You don’t need to isolate if you are a household contact, but the Ministry of Health asks you to do a RAT test each day, for five days. 

Therefore, if you are a household contact but test negative and do not have COVID-19 symptoms we ask you to come to campus.  It is the best place for you so you can be engaged in your learning, and connected with your teacher, classmates, and friends. 

Mask wearing is no longer required.  Continue to exercise good hygiene practices – maintaining good hand sanitation, cough, or sneeze into elbow, and get tested if you have COVID-19 symptoms. 

If you are in need of support, a comprehensive list of services, support and advice can be found via the link below: https://covid19.govt.nz/about-this-site/contact-and-support/

If you have any questions or need any support, please feel free to contact us:

Email: info@crown.ac.nz
Phone: 0800 357 316


Useful websites:

Hardship Fund for Learners

Unite against COVID-19

All Right?