Last Update: 23 Dec 2021

From 11:59pm on Thursday, 30 December, Auckland will move to ORANGE. This will be reviewed in the week of 17 January 2022. 

At ORANGE, there is no government vaccination requirement for tertiary education premises.  Classroom learning continues but online classes remains available. Wearing a mask is highly recommended when you are on campus.

Currently, Auckland is at RED, to ensure your safety, there will be some additional health measures:

  • You need to be fully vaccinated before you come back to school.
  • You need to maintain 1 metre of physical distancing at all times.
  • Face coverings will be mandatory on flights, public transport, in taxis, retail, public venues, and recommended whenever leaving the house.
  • You need to wear a face covering when you are on campus.
  • Online learning will continue during RED. If you do not come to school, you will need to check-in with your tutor online, otherwise you will be counted as absent.
  • Special arrangements will be made for your classes, such as different start times or coming in on alternative days, your tutor will be in touch with you on the details. If you do not hear from them, please contact them and ask for the details.
  • “My Vaccine Pass”* is the only permitted way of verifying your vaccination status under the traffic light system, please remember to have it on you when you come to school.

*You can get your “My Vaccine Pass” via the link below:

Please follow the instructions below when you come to school during RED:

  1. Upon arrival, please scan our COVID-19 QR code with your NZ COVID Tracer app.
  2. Instead of going straight to your class, please keep your mask on, have your “My Vaccine Pass” ready and report to reception.
  3. A Crown staff will scan your pass. It will not be stored or saved in our devices or database, this is simply a verification process. We will record your vaccination status and the date of verification, nothing else.
  4. Please do not come to school if you are waiting for a COVID test result, feeing unwell, not fully vaccinated or do not have a “My Vaccine Pass”, you can continue with online learning until the level is lowered to ORANGE OR GREEN.
  5. Once the verification is completed, please head to your class using the stairs, the lift will not be in service during RED. Once you are in class, you can keep wearing your mask or take it off.

For more information about the “Traffic light system”, please refer to the link below:


If you are in need of support, a comprehensive list of services, support and advice can be found via the link below:


If you have any questions or need any support, please feel free to contact us:

Email: info@crown.ac.nz

Phone: 0800 357 316


Useful websites:

Hardship Fund for Learners

Unite against COVID-19

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