Computing &
digital technology

Digital information is at the core of every business. Understanding how to record, store and manage this information using a variety of tools, applications and devices is crucial to the success of a business. Crown’s computing courses give you transferrable skills that are highly valued by employers and give you the confidence to solve problems using a range of digital tools and technologies. 

New Zealand
Certificate in computing



This exciting and practical course covers a range of digital technology concepts, and shows you how to fully utilise software applications such as spreadsheets, databases, image editing and project management tools. You will learn to use a variety of devices and applications to produce professional documents and manage information. We also teach you professional practice, such as communication, team work, interpersonal skills and ethical considerations. 

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You may be eligible for Fees Free if you are:
  • A New Zealander or ordinarily resident in New Zealand
  • A recent secondary school leaver
  • Not a recent secondary school leaver but have undertaken less than half a year of tertiary study or training

All our courses are eligible for Fees Free study. Check here if you are eligible.