We love our communities because it is within their warm embrace
where our students are nurtured, and thrive, where they contribute to the wellbeing of their collectives, and where they will mature to lead young generations after them.

We love to go into our local places to say we are here, and show,

We Care. We Train. We connect.

We love to go into our local places to say we are here, and show,

We Care. We Train. We connect.

We Care.

Stressed spelled backwards is desserts. A yummy way to alleviate stress is to eat dessert. So, this Summer, to show we care, we hired a Mr Whippy franchisee and merrily Mr Whippy’d into our communities to hand out dozens and dozens of ice cream cones topped with sprinkles and a crown cookie homemade by our very

own Hospitality Tutor Ms Hope Laurence. What fun we had! Queues quickly formed when the word got out that cones were free. From two years old to eighty-two, everyone got an ice cream cone. No-one missed out, not even two staffordshire bull terriers!

On campus is a light, bright wooden floored, mirrored Cultural Room. To show we care, we make the Room available to our communities to hold small gatherings. For terms and conditions of use please contact our communications manager Mr Kin Cheung kin@crown.ac.nz


We are currently working on a new partnership that will allow Crown students to work as conservation volunteers to restore Auckland’s bush, native plants, birds, and bugs. And as students familarise themselves with the nature sanctuaries they will be given leadership opportunities to become tour guides through the habitats. Students will have loads of fun in this project knowing their practical efforts are impactful and community-connected.

We connect.

Our proudest local events connection is to the highly successful Pasifika Fashion Show founded and organised by our very own Head of Departments, Ms Puretu Puangi. Last year’s impressive Show attracted more than 800 fashion-forward devotees.

This year’s event is expected to be brighter, bolder, and better. For information on how you can be involved email Ms Puretu Puangi puretu@crown.ac.nz

Skål International New Zealand is an organisation with whom we enjoy close local connections. Skål is an international group uniting all branches of the travel and tourism industry. Its members – industry managers and executives – meet at local, national and international levels to discuss and pursue travel and tourism growth. Crown supports Young Skål International New Zealand. We have six current students who are members of Young Skål. For information on how you as a Crown student can become a Young Skål member email Mr Kin Cheung kin@crown.ac.nz