When you come to New Zealand to study with Crown as an international student, you can be sure you will be well informed, safe, and well cared for. In New Zealand we call this ‘pastoral care’. You are entitled to be well cared for and well educated at Crown.

The New Zealand government has developed the Education (Pastoral Care of International Students) Code of Practice 2016 of which Crown is a proud signatory.

The Code of Practice sets forth the minimum standards of advice and care that you can expect to receive as an international student.

It provides a complaints procedure that you can follow if you have concerns about the pastoral care treatment received from Crown or Crown’s agent(s). The Code does not apply to concerns about academic standards.

The Education
Code of Practice

Crown’s attentive care for our international students meets the Code’s requirements. We want you to be assured and feel confident that you and your concerns will be treated with respect and given fair attention. Crown’s designated person to take your concerns to is Pearl Wilson. Pearl will sit with you and guide you through the formal process, and help you to resolve your complaint.

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If Crown has not resolved your concerns, you can make a complaint to NZQA.

NZQA is part of the New Zealand government. NZQA will make an independent assessment of your complaint and then:

  1. Investigate your complaint, or
  2. Refer your complaint to someone else who can better help you, or
  3. Advise you about any other options.

If your complaint is about money you have paid, or your contract with Crown, you can phone iStudent Complaints, the dispute resolution scheme operator, on 0800 00 66 75. iStudent Complaints is an independent service with experience in helping people to resolve disputes.